Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top 6 Holiday style tips!

The holiday season is here with full blast....you have party invitations coming your way daily...business parties, friends parties and off course some family parties to make it real challenging for you. Between every day life, closing the year at work, gift shopping and planing your wardrobe for the season - this time of year that suppose to be joyful and fun can get very overwhelming....
How can i help?
How about sharing my top 6 Holiday style tips? would that be helpful???

1. LAYER IT UP -  Layering for a look is quite fun and gives you the chance to be creative and show some more of your personal style, but in this holiday season where you might find yourself going from work in the office to business meetings and holiday party and diner and who knows what else...layering your look will be useful, will give you the chance to adjust your look from work to party and will make sure you'll be comfortable through all your daily events. Not to mentioned the weather this season especially this year and how unpredictable it is. Therefore make more use of pieces like the vest, the cardigan, a light sweater, a scarf these are all items that you put on or take off easily throughout the day to easily change your look!
A vest from Express
Cardigan from J.Crew
2. STAY AWAY FROM HOLIDAY CLOTHES - Wearing a musical or a Santa Claus tie, snow man
socks or even worst a Reindeer or a Chanukah sweater will not make you a more advocate holiday person, or earn you more points with your family....but the opposite- it will stamp you reputation as a Man of NO Style! Holiday parties can be a great networking events, an opportunity to meet new people, get to know better some of your co workers and business associates...now think about it again, is that the impression you want to leave? is that how you'd like to be remembered??? In other words, you don't have to be so literal to make a point! So keep your colored turtleneck and holiday sweater folded nicely in the closet and just dress nicely for the party, that's by itself will address the festive season!
Ok, If you still feel a strong urge to wear some holiday items... than  keep it to underwear, boxer shorts...maybe a pajama???
Also be a good friend...and DO NOT get these as gifts for those who you really care for!
3. VELVET JACKET -  Wearing a jacket is a perfect way to show your holiday festivity, it will add importance to your look and to the event you are honoring. A great fitted jacket will have you show style as well,  and a velvet jacket will add luxury and a touch of sophisticated holiday spirit (as oppose to the Reindeer above....), that will surly have you stand out as The Man of Style in any holiday party! Additionally by wearing a great piece like that will allow you to pair it with more easy items to complete your look, a nice fitted button down shirt under, dark fitted jeans and cool dark boots and i promise  you - you'll own any party in town!
Paul Smith at Barney's
 4. A VERSATILE SHIRT - A button down shirt that will easily take your look from work to party is a great layering piece. The truth is, a shirt like that (or better, a couple of  them) are an essential item at any modern man's wardrobe! You want to look for a s shirt that can support your business suit and tie for work but than will still stand out on its own after you loose the tie, roll up the sleeves an untuck the shirt...for your party time.... just like this striped Boaz Shirt  that allows for many looks in just one shirt, no need to change throughout the day, yet still look dapper in any style!

European shirt - BOAZ
5. POCKET SQUARE - There are many ways to add color to your outfit, one quick and easy one is in the pocket square! The importance of little details will always be appreciated in your style, it highlights characteristic qualities like attention to details and confidence...as well as stylish qualities!
Pocket square will tie together you style and will make every look a touch more dressy...which is what you want for the holidays. In addition changing pocket squares is a quick  (and cheaper) adjustment when you go from day to night +  you don’t need to invest in buying all new stuff for your holiday season dressing, the same jacket and shirt you wore for work with a tie will have a whole new you when you loose the tie, open the jacket buttons and add a dash of color and sophistication in the shape of a pocket square! Or wearing a dark jeans with a  button down shirt and a jacket will look more dressy and appropriate for a party once this pocket square shows up.... the variety of PS out there to choose from is unlimited from a cool printed silk square to a simple cotton gingham, and don't forget that you can always change the folding around to add more flavor, check here the different ways.

6. DON'T GET DRUNKER THAN YOUR BOSS - Yes i know this is not necessary a style tip, but more of a friendly advise and i feel the responsibility to mention it (although great style and drunkenness don't necessarily go hand in hand)! How many of you really LOVE their boss, and enjoy working with him/her? How many of you would love the opportunity to tell him/her what you REALLY think about them! But do your self a favor - What you share with the bartender in your local bar in happy hour, should stay there...that is unless you already accepted a new job offer... than go ahead and DRINK FOR THAT!


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