Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Style icon of the week - Bryan Ferry

Growing up Bryan Ferry was one of my favorite musicians (as the front man of Roxy Music partnering with likes of Bryan Eno or in his own solo career), but on top of that his glamorous dandy sense of style was instrumental in the development of my personal style (i can't tell you how many times as a teenager i tried to straiten my hair in trying to copy his hair never really worked for more than 10 minutes....) and quite honestly i still wish that at his age (he celebrated 65 on September 26th) i would look and dress like him... Bryan Ferry can teach us a lot about style and how to dress, especially on how to wear suits and still look young, edgy and always... elegant! So for all of you out there who are required to wear suits in your daily life watch and learn....can you imagine bankers, lawyers and alike dress like Bryan Ferry? sporting suits in bright colors like red, fuchsia, lime green and gold.....what a stylish and beautiful world would that be....

Whether in his lyrics or his stage presence Bryan Ferry always had a unique majestic finesse, somewhat imperial and more than once melancholic in the way he sings, moves and dresses yet it all seems very natural for him which makes him very inspiring (i guess the fact that he is still dating girls half his age is probably as inspiring (if not more) for guys out  there...).
A big contributor to his style was the British designer Antony Price who is known for his glamorous evening wear and suits and was actually the architect behind the Roxy Music pop retro-futurism style, for both the band members and the Roxy girls. A style that was inspired by 1950’s glamour and his own futuristic vision of part human part mannequin, making Roxy Music into an aesthetic experiment rather than just a musical one. Price also dressed other musicians such as David Bowie and Duran Duran but Brian Ferry was definitely the perfect match for his designs.
Nicky Haslam described Brian Ferry's sense of style the best "He was more likely to redecorate a hotel room than to trash it"


  1. Hey -- I'm very glad to have stumbled upon your blog. Great minds apparently think alike -- I'd just posted my own Bryan Ferry tribute this week, and then I see yours. Isn't the guy great? And his brand new album is in the same vein as his best work; brilliant stuff.
    Looking forward to more on your blog.
    Take care,

  2. Michael, thank you. BF is quite awesome (like a lot of other British artists...)he is a complete artist, i was and still very much inspired by him, he is one to show that rock stars can have longevity and not just gimmicks and bad reputation in order to generate publicity....which i feel is hard to find now days. i haven't heard the new album yet but its on my list...
    BTW, i checked out your blog and it's pretty cool, I'll make sure to follow.

  3. I think Bryan still has it!
    He really was and always will be "STYLE INCORPORATED"!
    He is in Australia currently touring and it is wonderful that they are still doing some of the early "For Your Pleasure" Roxy Music songs along with the crowd pleasing "Avalon". "Flesh and Blood" was also a favourite and went down so well in the live show.
    Thank you so much for the lovely images!!

  4. Dear Decorator, thank you very much for the update ...btw this last fashion week few weeks ago D&G had a tribute to him in in their runway show, just to show his impact on the world of style....
    Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the post.. i like your blog very much... it's great and very inspiring...

  5. thank tou,
    and about hair very funny)



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