Friday, October 15, 2010

The cardigan sweater - what to choose and how to wear?

Converse by John Varvatos
My first memory of a cardigan is of my grandfather, he wore them quite a lot. He had some that were thinner in solid color that he wore at times under suits and some that were chunkier with big textured leather buttons that he wore out on on its own or under a jacket or even just at home to keep him warm. My guess is that almost everyone who is reading this have somewhat a similar memory to that of their grandparents, after all the cardigan is known as the grandpa sweater! My second memory happened many years later when Kurt Cobain sport the cardigan look, i especially remember the time when Nirvana played their MTV unplugged and he was wearing this green/yellowy vintage looking one over T jeans and snickers....that was Grange in its best (and also one of the greatest moments of Rock if you ask me...).
Amy way enough of my memories. The cardigan is a great item for transitional weather when temperature changes through out the day and layering is in order. I like that its easy to incorporate it into your day with any style whether you go casual or more dressy like Pep Guardiola (the Barcelona manager shown below) sporting it under a suit.
Pep Guardiola in action and style....
Now days there a lot of cardigan style to choose from, from a classic with leather buttons to a zip-up with cardigan and much more. below are some of the main styles you should concider:

The classic thin cardigan in solid color sometimes with fun  contrast trim - this one can be dressed up with a tie and suit or dressed down with a casual button down and jeans, great essential item in your wardrobe.
Armani at Saks
D&G at Saks
Rag & Bone at Saks

The mufti color cardigan usually with graphic pattern such as stripes or diamons, again can be dressed up with slaks and under a jacket or go more casual with a T and jeans
Dr. Denim Gustav at Asos
Chunky cable knit cardigan, this one is cozy and warm can be a great alternative to a jacket just over a long T or casual shirt and a scarf and is also great for the really cold weather under a coat.
Levis Vintage at Barney's
Rag & Bone at Bergdorf Goodman

Gant by Michael Bastian at Barney's
Fun patterns and stripes, this style is for those who like to be more daring
Selected at Asos
Marc by Marc Jacob at Bloomingdales
Paul Smith at Barney's
Steven Allan at Barney's
 Military style cardigan cool edgy and sophisticated...
Polo Ralph Lauren at Bloomingdales

Boxfresh Gruino at Asos
Long Cardigan, this style looks good on skinnier and taller type of bodies... otherwise i would just stick to the ones above...

7 for all mankind at Zapp
G-Start at Asos


  1. Great article! Can you give suggestion on what kind of cardigan is best suited for short and lean man?

  2. Thank you Nich!
    To answer your question, here are few tips: Just like with any other clothing article i would try to look for cardigans that will enhance the parts in your body shape that you want to , so for example if you are lean i will look for a really fitted cardigan (look for European brands that tend to be slimmer fit, or buy a smaller size American brand), also stay away from the bulky cable knit cardigans that will make you look short and stocky and go for a thin cardigan in a solid color with maybe a thin trim but stay away from patterns. I would wear the cardigan over pants that are in the same shade or color family, this will make your look fluid and lean, stay away from wearing a contrasted colors between your top and bottom since this will visually cut you in half and make you look short. Maybe try to wear the cardigan over a button down shirt with a collar to draw attention to your upper body.
    Hope that helps let me know if there is anything else you’d like to know.

  3. Wow! Thanks for your fast response and tips, they are absolutely helpful. I appreciate your input. What if the pattern of cardigan is of vertical stripe? Would that be suitable for me?

  4. Nich, my pleasure.
    Vertical stripes should work well (especially if the stripes are thin), it will visually pay attention to lengthening your silhouette. let me know what did you end up finding...and if you feel like it send a picture with your new cardigan... enjoy your shopping.

  5. Thanks. Hopefully I can find the cardigan I want. Happy New Year to you!

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