Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to wear suspenders?

Paul Stuart
I love suspenders and have been using them on and off since i was about 10 years old, I think they are a fun accessory that can impact your style and make it even more individual. Recently Brooke, my wife started using some of my suspenders (which BTW looked really cool) and that inspired me to write this post.
Historically the Suspenders were used for about 300 years but the modern type we all know was invented in 1822 by Albert Thurston and just almost any other item they were created with a specific purpose which was to hold up one's trousers and also keep the shirt in place. But after WWI (again this horrible war had such an impact on the fashion world...its crazy) the belt took over that specific job and since than the suspenders come in and out of fashion. In traditional fashion and old school books the suspenders (which BTW are called Braces in the UK), were actually considered to be an underwear worn under a vest and not shown,  they were meant to be worn with high waist trousers and buttoned to the inside or outside waistband (when buttoned they are more secure and less likely to damage the pants fabric) and absolutely without a belt!(Since both serves the same purpose there is no need to double up...) while the clip-on version was used only for working uniform. 

Over the years modern life and fashion styles had their share of influences, pants styles become more fitted and hugging the waist while the actual waistband drooped to around the hip rather the physical waist (generally nowadays they don't even have the buttons for the suspenders anyway which made the clip on versions more popular and useful) turning suspenders into a style accessory rather than a necessity while different class groups used them as a staple item of their style, whether be it the upper class wall-street guy  who wears a wide buttoned suspenders over a light blue spread collar dress shirt and gold cuff links, the gangster type man who has them under his pimp suit or the the British punk skinhead who wears a thinner (around 1") clipped on version in colors and patterns.
All that leads to the big question of
In short my answer is simply it's up to you! Don't be afraid to use
them and add a shot of color and edge to your style. I started this blog with the intention of inspiring you to dress while creating your own style which means use what ever is out there and make it your own, yes there are dress codes that you can follow (which BTW is fine as long as you are comfortable with it) but that does not mean that you can't be creative. So whether you need the suspenders to flatter your business or black tie suits or to funk up your casual look here are few options and suggestions to inspire your style:
Business wall street style or black tie! The classic wide suspenders buttoned into the pants with no belt, choose a bold pattern or color to make a statement:
Punk rock skinhead inspired! skinnier versions worn with jeans and Dr. Martens over a T and your tattoos....

The preppy Dandy! - Mix a load print suspenders with a bow tie and/or a beret.
The casual cool man with an eye for a style, here there are no rules, wear them over a buttoned down shirt, mix colors and patterns, add a hat which is always a great complimentary to suspenders....
on you will find  nice variety
Oh be shy of just let them hang on your waist!


  1. I think suspenders are one of those gentleman items that men feel they must aspire to wear. But it's simply not the case. They look stunning in the photos you provided and they improve posture-no one slumps over when they are nicely dressed.


  2. i think older men see it as a must item maybe cause that is how they learned you should dress, but again just like these guys in the photos here if you mix it right than its a great accessory! Do you ever use them? i actually like when women do...

  3. If you like suspenders I suggests Steve and Co.'s ones...check them out on!
    They're really cool!

  4. To be honest if I saw someone dressed as a skinhead wearing suspenders calling themselves a skinhead and you don't listen to any oi! or reggae, they'd be fucking laughed at or beat. It's an insult it's considered a style that you can just do without knowing anything about the culture, and to dress like that is an invitation to meaner skins than I to give you the boot, us non-racists included.

    1. what the bleep are you talking about. go take an english class.

  5. No problem with guys wearing braces - my grandad and my father do, and my bf has on occasions. If they feel comfortable, why not?

  6. My gf gave me a pair of braces (apparently as a joke present), but I wore them to please her without realising this. She actually thinks they look great, and I am delighted because they are so comfortable. No need for constantly hitching my pants up, and I can wear them that little bit looser without my shirt coming untucked. Result!!

  7. I recently became a fan of suspenders. Even though they are usually hanging from my waste, you still gotta respect them lol...Its just something about suspenders...

  8. As soon as I tried my boyfriend´s suspenders last year I immediately fell in love with them and bought my own pair. They look great on girls and I really enjoy the comfort.

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  10. Nice informative guide. I wear my suspenders all the time. I got mine here.

  11. Hadn't realised that it seems ok now to wear suspenders uncovered. If this is the case, I shall definitely get some. Tired of constantly hitching my pants up!

  12. This very hot summer in the UK has caused me to shed my inhibitions, and wear my braces uncovered. Whilst very self-conscious at first, I have received many favourable comments, particularly from the ladies. I now wonder where the notion that they are underwear originated.

  13. Mind blowing design. Perfect fittings. Loved this looks.
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  14. Suspenders can be worn in a variety of ways depending on the occasion. For formal or business wear, suspenders should be worn with a dress shirt and trousers. The suspenders should be secured to the trousers with buttons (which should already be on the trousers) and should be adjusted to the correct length for a comfortable fit. If you want to make a fashion statement, suspenders for men can also be worn with a suit. This look is perfect for a night out and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

  15. Great post! suspenders for men are like a hidden gem in men's fashion. Your article beautifully captures their essence and importance.



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