Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How many ways can you wear a shirt???

Have you ever had one of these days where you had to be in 4 different places throughout the day and needed a different style for each one of them???  So you get up in the morning and contemplating what to wear (while beating yourself up for not scheduling your day better)… should you wear one outfit throughout the day and take the risk that you might show up not dressed right for all the occasions?…which might cost you in losing business….or should you just carry an extra bag with you all day with some extra clothes to change???
Well, I’ll admit that I still have days like that, and so has some of my private clients (after all that’s the life of an entrepreneur, right?)….as someone once told me, designing is solving a problem, so i did! What if you had one shirt that will easily transform your look into few different styles and taking you from day to night, all while looking good, feeling natural, fresh and comfortable (did anyone say FIT)???
The BOAZ European style shirt has sleeve cuffs that can be buttoned in 3 different ways: as a classic regular cuff, as semi french cuff or buttoned (with cufflinks) while the sleeves are rolled up to hold the folded sleeve, along side other collar and back details that will sport a conservative business look or a night out with the guys....

So for your 10am board meeting a tie and a suit will do the trick.....
So for the 10 am board meeting a tie and suit will do the trick...
Than for lunch you're meeting your favorite (and most stylish) client who always looks dandy and
sharp, so you lose the jacket and tie, add cufflinks and show-off your individuality and personal style....and maybe today it's him who'll ask YOU where did you get this shirt???
You are back in the office to work on this proposal ... feeling good and happy

Job is done, you had a busy and successful day, it’s time to lose another button roll up the sleeves and meet the guys for some drinks and Monday night football in your favorite bar… Now If only the Giants will win and this day will go down in history as the PERFECT DAY!
Want to have a perfect day too? Click HERE and get the shirt that will make your day PERFECT!

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