Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall essentials - Velvet blazer!

There use to be this rule that you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day, we all know that is not the case anymore but there are other "rules" that just seem natural, and the one I'm talking about just feels right...wearing velvet in fall and winter!
When the temperature drops and you start layering the velvet sport coat is a perfect jacket to carry your style through fall and into winter. You start with layering it over a button-down shirt and than as its getting colder over turtle neck and finally you ad an overcoat ...perfect use for a Jacket.
The velvet fabric can be made out of few different materials such as silk, rayon or cotton. Most of us associate velvet as a luxury fabric and that would usually be the silk or rayon velvet, these will usually be more shiny, have a sleeker hand and drape softly while the colors look really deep. On the other hand the cotton velvet (usually called velveteen) is a not as drapey therefore is a much better chioce for blazers and sports coats, also the colors do not look as deep and shiny which makes the look of it a bit more casual, almost like corduroy. A cotton velvet jacket is a great chioce for every day's business man wardrobe who can than easily wear it with dark jeans and a button down shirt, add a tie if in the mood or a nice colorful silk pocket square for some added colors and he is ready to rock the city.
When you look for velvet blazer make sure its fits snag, mostly make sure the shoulders fits you right and not too big and loose, i would probably look for a 2 button and will probably only close the upper button, to emphasize your waist.  As far as colors go than go for a black, navy or brown although the darker greens can be really nice but not always go with everyone's wardrobe.
Barney's New york

Thom Browne at Barneys
Etro at Barneys

Maison Martin Margiela at Barneys


  1. Hi Boaz!
    I agree with you, and i like the model you have suggested, double button with the upper one closed. What do you think about a dark blue one? I would use it in winter.

    See you soon,

  2. You mean like midnight where you cant tell for sure if its black or navy? Yes I'd like that too....

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