Saturday, June 23, 2012

8 tips to dress up your bermuda shorts!

Who says you cant dress up with shorts, or wear shorts for work??? Unless you are in a conservative, corporate setting than shorts can be as stylish, as respected and as business will just come down to what are they made in (suiting fabric, Chambray, cotton twill, etc.) and how would you wear them.
As a matter of fact history support that and back in the day Bermuda shorts used to be called dress shorts. They were worn by the British army and were considered appropriate business attire for men when made of suit-like material and worn with knee-length socks, a dress shirt, tie, and blazer.
Here are seven tips that will help you to dress up your shorts:

  • Fabric - Pay attention to what they are made in, for example when done in suiting fabrics will automatically make your short more dress appropriate as oppose to washed cotton twill.Generally any fabric that has a bit of shin such as chambray will look good as well.
  • Fit - as always this is a crucial element, if you want your shorts to look dressier you need to make sure they are FITTED, cause a looser, baggier shorts will make you look shlumpy and casual so make sure to have them tapered and fitted.
  • Style - a classic style trousers with front slanted pockets and welt back pockets and a clean look will always work and are a safe bet. A front pleat can sometimes work but that really has to do with the general fit and style of your short, i prefer flat front. The 5 pocket jeans style is a wrong choice.
  • Length - i like my shorts longer than average, therefore i make mine up to hit the high to mid point of the knee, but anywhere from 3-4' above to knee and under should work just fine.
  • Color - just like with your suits the basic colors of navy and black are a safe bet, only this time that since we're talking summer and sunshine you can get a bit more adventures with color choices. Light colors such as white, cream and light yellow, light blue and even light pink can add a bit more zest to your look. To keep it sophisticated the load plaid prints should be kept for Sunday strolls or hanging out with your college buddies....
  • Ironing - Your shorts will have a dressier feel once they are ironed (maybe even with a crease). At times you can even make your more casual shorts look dressier, for example the cotton twill shorts (as long as the colors are not washed and faded) would work but on your washed, frayed chino or your denim shorts this will not do the trick.
  • How to wear - this will make the biggest difference. Worn with a dress shirt (maybe even tacked in with a nice leather belt) is a must, and adding a blazer with a touch of color in your pocket square or an ascot tie will make you stylish rather than just dressier.
  • Shoes - this is important, all these above tips will be wasted if the wrong shoes are worn! snickers will probably be out of the question (unless they are more dressier cool sneakers), boat shoes can get the wrong impression as well but any dress shoes or leather loafers like these Vivianne Westwood or Gucci for example will take your style and look into a higher level of dressing. make sure not to wear socks and if you do make sre they are not shown cause that will take you from cool to nerd in no time....
Enjoy your summer!


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