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Ceravelo is bringing the ascot tie back!

The ascot tie is back! That's the message from Ceravelo who is taking action on bringing it back!
Yes, for a long time i thought as well that as much as i like ascots i will probably wait for few years until I get to a certain age to start wearing them....that is until I came across Ceravelo - an online ascot boutique based out of San Francisco who shed a new (contemporary) light on my ascot perception - it can look young, cool and is a great style addition for the modern man!...and not only for formal wear!

Ceravelo is co-owned by Steven Arevalo and Jackie Lopez. They entered the men’s fashion market with a unique perspective and redesigned the traditional ascot tie to appeal to the modern gentleman. They focus on environmental sustainability by hand making each piece from repurposed and vintage material. Every ascot is also reversible and one of a kind.             
In order to get a deeper look into the brand and the vision behind it i asked to interview Steven and he agreed so here we go:
A Man Of Style: Do you remember the first Ascot you got/made/wore? Is that where it all clicked?
Steven: The first ascot that I wore was to a Christmas party in 2008. A friend of mine had turned me on to the dandy little accessory and yes, that’s when it all clicked. The first one I wore was actually one that a seamstresses, in a custom tailor shop, and I had made together. I shopped around at some of the San Francisco fabric shops and actually found some YSL vintage remnant silk. I brought the fabric and a template to him one evening and sat there for an hour or so as he explained some of the sewing basics, such as, cutting on the bias. He had me pin the two pieces of fabric together while he tended to some other work and after I was finished he did his magic.
A Man Of Style: Your ascots are made out of re-purposed material, right? Where do you find your fabrics?
Steven: Yes. All of our ascot ties are made from a combination of either re-purposed/vintage or new
material. They are also reversible. Often times when we find an extremely intricate or unique vintage design and want to match it on the reverse side we might pair it with a solid color from a new roll of silk charmeuse.
The best answer to your second question is everywhere. We’ve made trips down to Los Angeles and purchased in the Garment District. We’ve also made purchases of fabric at well-known vintage flea markets here in the Bay Area. Every now and again we’ll find one-off runs of fabric at the various San Francisco fabric shops. Lastly, we also procure materials from specific buyers who we’ve built relationships with over the last year.
 A Man of Style: I’ve noticed the different names for the colors/prints? How do you guys decide on that?
Steven: The naming process has been an evolution. We’re constantly looking for new inspiration to name our ascot designs. For every one ascot we have to come up with two names because they are reversible and we feel like each design is worthy of a unique name.
Naturally we started with inspiration from the city that Jackie and I will always love and currently live in, San Francisco. We named ascots after streets, places we frequent, friends and their dogs. We also paid tribute to the restaurants we enjoy and added some culinary influence. We borrowed the names of vineyards; as well as, paid tribute to the British. You’ll also see reference to Greek mythology and Jazz.
A Man of Style: Who do you see as the Ceravelo ultimate customer? Can you describe him?
Steven: The ideal consumer for Ceravelo is the modern gentleman. In my own words the modern gentleman is multi-faceted, hard-working, confident and virtuous. The modern gentleman also considers and cares about style. Jim Nelson, editor-in-chief of GQ Magazine, expands on this by stating that “a person who considers and cares about style then cares about his place in the world, cares about taste, and that branches out into taste in good food, wine and travel.”
The modern gentleman is not defined by age, race or sexual preference, nor is he limited by shape, stature or socio economic status. I feel that He is best described by Tom Ford in the 5 steps to being a modern gentleman.
The ascot tie is not for every man. It has yet to be modernized and revived from the antiquated stereotypes of the royal ascot. However, when a man seeks the qualities outlined above I believe that he can surpass the stigmas and wear the ascot with ease and sophistication.
A Man of Style: What is your favorite way/style/look of wearing an Ascot? Any tips on how to wear or style an ascot?

Steven: I thought I had a favorite look but the more I immerse myself into the world of style and fashion I feel like my preferences are continually evolving. We’ve been utilizing our Tumblr and Pinterest blogs much more to find inspiration on ways to incorporate the ascot not only into formal attire but the everyday, street style.
Ceravelo focuses on modernizing the ascot so we tend to display a casual “under the collar” look. We also try and emphasize its use with jeans, under sweaters and with vests. Although it pairs well with a suit, the modern ascot it also meant to be worn casually.
My one tip is to act natural. Don’t expect the ascot to change your style or transform you. It’s an accessory that’s meant to compliment one’s style. Depending on your comfort level I would be keen on how the ascot is worn. I prefer the ascot to be shown subtly and under the collar. The higher it’s worn and the more volume you wear it with the easier it will attract the eye. If you’re unsure of the look, it’s better to error on the side of caution and tuck the ascot in a bit more.
A Man of Style: What is your favorite part in having the Ceravelo line?
Steven: It’s difficult to pick a single thing. I really enjoy the design process. It’s my way of creating something original, artistic and beautiful. When I find a perfect match of fabrics during design I find myself literally saying “wow, that’s beautiful.” It’s also an opportunity for me to exercise my right brain capabilities. It’s a far leap from where I started my professional career in accounting and even what I do currently as an IT/Business Management Consultant.
I’ve always considered myself a jack of many trades so having the Ceravelo line has provided me the opportunity to fuse the various skill sets I’ve picked up over the last decade. This goes without saying that my business partner, Jackie Lopez, is a perfect complement to what is needed to execute this business. Where either of us lacks, the other is there to fill in the gap.
It’s also been a blessing to come in contact and work with so many creative and talented individuals. Adam Murphy has provided Ceravelo the opportunity to grow tremendously on the development side of the house by executing a lot of the technical requirements. Napoleon Suarez, who happens to be my college roommate, and Tom Kazarian are SEO gurus and have been instrumental in boosting Ceravelo’s organic online growth. Iann Ivy, is up and coming in the photography and style world and I’m always in awe not only how she perfectly captures the style that Ceravelo exudes but also with her work in general.
A Man of Style: Who is your favorite character/person wearing an ascot? (a chance for you to plug in a celebrity or someone who wore your ascot!)
Steven: That Chuck Bass has got impeccable style.
A Man of Style: What are the 5 albums I would find playing while you work on a new Ceravelo collection?
Steven: It’s been a while since I’ve listened to or played an album but some artists I’ve been listening to on repeat are: Tycho, Bon Iver, Jay-Z, Luis Miguel, Ben Watt, J-Dilla, Angus & Julia Stone, Florence + The Machine, Radiohead.
A Man of Style: Name 5 items you wouldn’t leave the house without when traveling?
Steven: 1 ascot – since their reversible I can usually get away with one (A Man of Style: I love that they are reversible!)
My standard, go-to pair of Diesel jeans – I swear they go with everything. They’re getting old now and showing some serious signs of wear.
Brown Kenneth Cole boots – standard look with a white v-neck
IPhone – no need to explain
Dolce & Gabana Cologne – I’ve had the same scent since college. I’ll be happy if I never have to switch.
A Man of Style: Thank you and good luck!
Steven: Thank you


  1. I'm a huge fan of ascot ties... In fact I spend a lot of time in my dad's wardrobe in order to find his now-vintage ascot ties/ties!

    Anyway, I've just found your blog, and I admit I really like it! :-)

    I'm following you

  2. Mauro. thanks for your comment and following. Yes if you like ascots than you should definitely check out Ceravelo, they have great designs. see you soon.

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