Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring shoes - Loafers

Donald J Pliner
Spring is teasing us here in NY, one day its here and the other its hiding behind another grey cold day but no matter how long it will try and hide its just a matter of weeks maybe days before it will surrender itself. These last few sunny days made me start thinking about spring wardrobe....which I'm sure most of you started that same thinking process as well.
How about we'll start from the bottom up...with shoes! More specifically slip-ons that are typically low, lace-less shoes which are commonly known as a loafers. I personally not a big fan of the typical loafers which we all know as the Moccasin, I'm not sure what it is that i don't like about them, could be the tassels or could be just the fact that they are so common and main stream that they lost their unique edge in my view. I like the ones that comes in colors (a perfect way to show style and be edgy but still in a subtle way) that you can wear with long pants, jeans or even with shorts. Here are some of my favorites for the season....Enjoy!
Vivienne Westwood
Adidas Y-3
To Boot New York
Salvatore Ferragamo


  1. I've been seeing a lot of plastic loafers in these months... they're really trendy: from Gucci to YSL and Vivienne Westwood too!




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