Friday, April 6, 2012

3 easy tips to color your wardrobe for spring!

SPRING=COLORS! That's what spring means to me! the long winter in NY is probably contributing to that as well cause by the time spring is here i am so sick of winter's darker colors and waking up to a shiny sun almost every morning makes me crave more and more colors.
To be clear it doesn't mean that i look like a rainbow version when i leave my apartment but i definitely add some colored brush strokes to my look. Here are 3 ways that any of you whether your style is daring or conservative can add a touch of spring (color) to your daily style:
Colorful socks -  Let's start with the bottom, colorful socks are fun and more than any other item can be worn with your work suit to any important day in the office or to a night on town for your best friends bachelor party, whether you dressed up or down this little shot of color will not take over but will turn heads and just enough attention to your personal style....not to mention the low cost of investment!
Any of these below socks from Paul Smith will do the job.

 Colorful Belt - Climbing up half way to the top a shot of color can turn into a shot of style! I like
when a belt shows a little even if i wear my shirt untucked i will still tuck in a part of it (usually in the front to show the buckle and the belt color). I often like when the shoes or socks match in color to the belt but it is not a necessity.

 Pocket Squares - peaking from the left side of your jacket this accessory can turn any boring outfit into a fashion statement with the smallest touch. Once again an easy, reasonably priced and a very subtlety way of adding color to your personality. so whether it business or pleasure this little colorful conversion piece of fabric can always turn a grey suit into a lively style statement and any dull evening into an unforgettable night!  

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  1. Love these colours! Nice post :)



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