Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to look great on a budget?

I bet that this is a question that everyone of you have asked at list once if not more, so here is the main style tip on how to do that: 
Invest in staples - One of the biggest misconceptions is that in order to show a great style you need to spend your money on buying the latest trends! WRONG! Even if you can afford it i would still not recommend to do that, trendy items will go out of style as fast as they came in and no matter how cool they are they will have a short life (a season or two the most). Therefore invest in key staple items that will last you for a long time, and will have a great ROI. for example a wool coat for winter in a basic solid color (Black, navy, charcoal) that will fit you well will last you for few winters especially if you'll take care of it (which you'll probably do since it was expensive). Do the same for shoes, a pair or dark jeans, a good fitted button down shirt and a soft, quality sweater . you don't need to wear all of them together every time, it is enough if you incorporate one or two of these items with other cheaper items (which could be those trendy items). For example if you'll pair a good pair of shoes with regular jeans (nothing too fancy, Levies has good fitting styles) with a simple T from American apparel and your expensive blazer or sweater, you will look sharp and stylist.
Also when invest in these staple items keep them cleaner and less detailed, this way you will be able to match them with more outfits and neither you or your friends will get sick of them...Think like a woman for a second, every woman needs a good looking classic black dress, why? Cause she knows she will wear it over and over and it is enough that she will pair with a different shoes, jacket or stockings to make it look different. Where if she buys a detailed dress that stands out after 1-2 times she'll feel like "everyone saw me with this dress already i can't wear it again..."So find your black dress.
Every season i decide on a couple of items to invest in as my staples and than I'll add other items thought the season that will color these items and add the flair a A Man of Style should have!

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