Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer shorts

Raf Simmons on Forward
Summer is in, the heat is on and when it comes to clothing less is more! which means you have less to work with in order to may an impact so why not do it in COLOR?
Shorts as oppose to long pants are easier to pull in a strong vibrant color. You wouldn't find too many guys wearing long pants in red, pink or green, never the less a bold colorful pattern but they will wear shorts in these colors...and i as a fan of colors am encouraging it.
What style? i personally not a fan of  the looser fit cargo shorts, or the draw string closure,  i know they might be comfortable and easy but they are fine for walk on the beach or walking your dog so if you are like me looking for a summer replacement to your long pants that can be used on a daily basis for work and pleasure than go for a slimmer fit with a bit of a dressier cut and a waistband, like these navy shorts from Raf Simmons above. The length of the shorts depends on your body type, i have long legs therefore i like them longer and usually make mine knee length, but on average i think a good length should about 9" inseam, i think the shorty short ones are a bit too feminine for my taste.
The question than is how and what to wear your shorts with? A solid color top usually white or black is enough to make a statement, a T for a casual Sunday or a nice fitted white button down shirt like this BOAZ shirt would make this even a work attire for some of us, roll out the sleeves, add a vest or maybe a casual cotton tie, a nice leather loafers and summer looks better than ever.
The tricky part in wearing shorts is what shoes to wear? And i think a lot of you will disagree with me but i say NO to Flip-flops and NO to sandals! I dont care how many designers show their summer looks on the runways with sandals it never looks good...they either look too nerdy or too feminine no matter how well they are made or designed...therefore my suggestion is either cool colored or white sneakers or a chioce of boat shoes or loafers and  all with either low socks (that will not be seen)or better no socks at all.
Patterns from Burkman and Gant both at Barneys
 Below: Seersucker from A.P.C and stripe from ASOS

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