Saturday, July 16, 2011

Findings - Raf Simmons Ribbon Detail button down shirt

Shirt sleeve shirt from Raf Simmons on Forward
WHY: The dilemma - summer is out its hot but you still want/need to wear a nice button down shirt for work/pleasure or even under a suit.
The problem - There are not too many short sleeves button downs that look good, mostly because of the way the sleeves fit. Most brands make the sleeves either too wide or too long or both.
Do you wear short sleeves button downs? Answer the question on my Facebook page.
Possible solution - This shirt from Raf Simmons looks right, the sleeve length seem to hit a good spot and since the shirt has a slim fitted body the armholes are high and that results in the sleeves being narrower and fitted where even someone who haven't hit the gym for a while will look like he just finished a work out.
From a design perspective its quite a cool shirt, contemporary narrow collar, slim fit body and a contrast trim that will make you stand out. (and as you can tell from my shirt line i like slim fitted shirts with contrast trim). Although i would say that the trim in the hem could have been skipped in order to make this shirt more commercial and useful. It would have allowed to tuck the shirt in if needed, and also since the hem is straight depends on your body length it might cut you in a wrong spot and the contrast ribbon will than draw more attention to your hips. Obviously this shirt is meant to be worn untucked, and i think it will also look really cool with a dressy type shorts like these one form Raf Simmons..... and i wouldn't role out a thin tie especially with white shirt version....
That's how a short sleeve should fit
INFO: 100% cotton, Made in Italy, Button front closure, Contrast fabric detail.
PRICE: $348.00
WHERE: Forward by Revolve


  1. Hi!!!
    " There are not too many short sleeves button downs that look good, mostly because of the way the sleeves fit" and I would add: -because they're ugly, especially the ones used in offices. ;))) I totally agree with you, this is the reason why I don't have short sleeves shirts!
    So when it's hot, I just tuck up the long sleeves, caring not to create a "sausage" around my arms! ;)))
    However you are cunning because the white shirt with the blue line on the borders makes the figure thinner than reality, it's a sort of optical effect! ;))))

  2. hahahah, that is true they are usually ugly... which btw is the reason why i don't offer short sleeves on my BOAZ shirt line. I too much rather roll up the sleeves, its sexier and cooler looking.

  3. I also roll up the sleeves! They fit and look better. ;D
    Nice post.

  4. Hi Boaz, these shirts are made by you or are you just writing about them

  5. The short sleeve shirt in this post is by Raf Simmons, but i do have a shirt line



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