Monday, July 4, 2011

Findings - Yves Saint Laurent Shirt

Yves Saint Laurent shirt at Colette
WHY: I really like when a button down shirt has some design detail on the collar of a classic button down shirt(as you can tell from my own shirt line- and this one here is awesome!  I also really like the combination of the thin stripes and the white, it works very well together. The white combo detail on the collar and pocket add a sophistication and flare that you can only get with a designer product, these details will make you stand out in a cool yet subtle way just enough to show a little of your individuality and a lot of your style!
INFO: Strange enough there is no info about this shirt...but I'm assuming it is 100% cotton, and the fir looks as if it on the slimmer side
PRICE: $313.13 or €275.00
WHERE: Colette


  1. Really interesting detailing, giving a contemporary edge to an otherwise traditional shirt. Even the button placement was considered, along with the contrast detailing on the collar and pocket.

  2. @ the devoted classicist: Good eye! That is exactly the difference between a designer shirt and just another shirt....



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