Friday, July 29, 2011

Say NO to Sandals! - Summer shoes from B store

Raffia shoes from B store
This post meant to bring up a point that i feel very strongly about - say no to Sandals! I know its summer and its hot, humid and sweaty and all you want is to have as less cover as possible and that goes for your feet as well..... but men's sandals are just not cool to wear outside the pool, beach or your apartment. Yes, I saw that on the runway designers showed lots of sandals, and yes i know that some of these sandals are probably more expensive and of a better quality than lots of other shoes out there.... but they still look bad! I have yet to see a pair that didnt look either too nerdy or too feminine......and not a word about Flip Flops!
So instead of just pointing out what is not are just few other summer alternatives from B store in London that you can wear for work or pleasure, with long or short pants, with or without socks and still keep your look cool and your feet even cooler.

Black leather from B Store

Leather and raffia loafer from B Store

Leather and Raffia loafer w yellow rubber sole from B store


  1. Summer means loafers to me! Sandals only at the seaside... but only good quality sandals! ;) Please don't talk about Flip Flops( neither in a negative way!)...these two little words can ruin all your helpful for contemporary stylish men! ;))) Have a nice Sunday!

  2. Ahahah! I couldn't agree more! ;D

    PS I'll be in NY at the beginning of September... Would love to see you!

  3. Love your blog so much! I'll go to loafers instead of sandals. I'm not telling that I don't like sandals but, since I was born I've never use sandals.

  4. Thank you for your comment mens shoes...i really liked how you described your opinion about sandals...

  5. nice post, i like, thanks for sharing.



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