Friday, August 5, 2011

Entourage - The missing style!

And this suppose to inspire???
My TV viewing is pretty limited....It includes a lot of Soccer (Football) and a couple more shows one of them is the HBO original show Entourage....a show about Vincent Chase, a young A-list movie star, and his Brother and two other childhood friends from Queens, who all moved with him to Hollywood. The show is every young man’s dream lifestyle...its easy and straight forward: Fame, money, lots of girls, drugs and other words - its what Sex in the city was for women!.... but with one big difference...Sex in the city had a style stamp on it, It made Carrie Bradshaw (the leading star of the show) a style Icon up to the ridiculous point that Sarah Jessica Parker (who played her) was appointed as the president for the American fashion house Halston Heritage (A shocker that it didn't last long, ha?). Entourage on the other hand is majorly lacking in the style section and quite honestly missed out on a opportunity...
What is it with these wide baggy pants???
I aware that these 4 guys suppose to have a casual NY, no effort style but still.....there is a lot that can be done with that....After all these guys suppose to inspire! Show me in reality one A-list star who is not dressed well (even if he doesn't know how to dress himself, his agent will make sure he has a good stylist...), it becomes part of his brand and image. Vince to me is the most disappointing character in that arena, he is suppose to be sporting the 'effortless dresser that just got out of bed but still looks great' but his style is dated, i have yet to see him wear a pair of cool jeans or a cool T....and for some reason he always look like he has a gut! And what is with the hair style??? especially this new season so far its ridiculous... his character suppose to be a rock n roll, sexy, cool guy that every guy out there who watch the show should want to look like him... i know i dont.
His friend Eric is drifting between a business button down shirts and pants, (which is actually looks great for him) to a...not really sure what (i dont know how to describe a NY Yankees T under an open button down shirt with jeans and white running sneakers....).
Johnny Drama (the brother) has more of his own style, which is kind of the 50's meets the mid west rocker... i guess that goes with his character but with there is no flair to it what so ever...
The last of these four guys is Turtle and he is actually the best of them... His urban style is nothing too exciting but at list has a point.
What i find funny is that some of the other supporting characters on the show are actually well dressed, has a good personal style and therefore much more Ari Gold, the Agent who is usually found wearing these great well fitted suits, nice slim shirts with spread collars and some great ties (usually with a wide knot), a look that has a his personality written all over it and if someone wants to be inspired to wear suits he should watch him. Some other guys worth mentioning are Lloyd (the gay agent) who shows lots of personality and flair in the color mixing of his outfits, patterned shirts, great ties and pocket squares that always add a splash of color- sophisticated and fun. One more guy worth mentioning is Scott Lavin the agent who works with Eric...his style (other than the hair style) of fitted suits and slim button down shirts is on the verge of a macho man but still business, does the job perfectly.....
I really dont mean to be harsh on the custom designer for the show (Amy Westcott), and its not necessarily her fault, my last job before moving to NY was as a custom designer for a TV show so I know how in a show like that there are too many opinions and voices influencing decisions, from the show creators/producers to the actors and the designers so I'm not sure who's fault is it but i do know that they missed something big here, this show had the chance of making an impact for men's style and it was missed out....

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