Sunday, July 24, 2011

3x1 denim - Start to finish custom made jeans!

The custom made possibilities have just increased and finally including a category that have not touched much yet...YOUR JEANS!
As one who got into the fashion industry because I could never find clothes that looked or fit the way I wanted them.....this could have been heaven for me back in the day, especially since denim is not an easy fabric to work with (it requires specific sewing skills, heavier machines as well as thicker threads etc.) so i couldn't make my own jeans than, but now there is a solution for guys like me -  check out 3x1! A denim company that offers bespoke denim jeans, and  named after denim’s standard weaving construction - the 3x1 Right Hand Twill.
The concept for 3x1 was born from a desire to reclaim a process that Scott Morris, the founder and designer of the brand love so much - making the finest quality jeans in the that a big statement or what? well, apparently not ....
3x1 offers A custom made service where one would have the chance to work one on one with the Scott and his team, and together tailor a one-of-a-kind pair of jeans from start to finish. The process of 3x1's denim making is of the highest quality and very unique, just like a master tailor who creates a bespoke suit, by hand! Each of their sewers work on one per of denim from start to finish, there is no assembly line. They use only a single needle machine (which btw i find to be a bit crazy....) and their stitch per inch (SPI) count (11-14) is double if not more than any other regular jeans in the market which adds durability you will not get otherwise. They carry a selection of over 100 denim and novelty fabrics for you to choose from, some are rare, hard to find, or one of a kind denim qualities that are exclusive to 3x1....and offer a wide selection of buttons and rivets as well. All this can be at your service and produce your one of a kind jeans within a matter of days! Yes its not a cheap process but for those who are their own Man of Style it's priceless....Bespoke prices begin at $1200 USD and there is a $125 non-refundable deposit required to make an appointment.
In Addition 3x1 also offer men’s and women’s ready to wear denim products, which are produced in their15 Mercer Street atelier in NYC. They produce 22-25 pieces per day on average, each jean is sewn one piece at a time (just like my BOAZ shirts), and limited to either 8, 12, 16 or 24 pieces of production per style.
Currently their services are available only in NYC but coming this fall they will have other partners to spread the stay tuned!

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