Monday, June 27, 2011

Spring 2012 - The pleated pant!

The following trend will probably make a lot of men (especially the old school corporate guys) feel as if they are the trendiest people now days. To be honest I'm not sure yet what i feel about the pleated pant, I'm still contemplating it as I'm typing this...on one hand it reminds me of everything i dont like about men's style like these mass produced suits with loose fit and pleated baggie pants (which gave a company like Bonobos a very successful business concept), and on the other hand these pants below from the last runway shows do look good! I guess it brings it back to the point that how you fit, wear and style a piece of clothing is what matters not just the details...Truth to be said is that these mass produced men's pants look baggie and unfaltering not because of the pleats but because of the fit, its big and boxy and the access fabric from the pleats just makes it worse...
Designers did show this season a lot of pants with a dropped crotch, a little slouchy (usually not in full length or just folded), and some wide leg pants as well that looked rich and summery especially in white or other bright shades.
Below: Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana
 Below: Hermes, Lanvin
 Below: Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Lauren
Below: Jil Sander
Below: Ports 1961


  1. I have been dreading the comeback of pleats and relaxed fit pants!

  2. Michael, i hear you but it might not be as bad as you'd think, these white pants from ports 1961 are pretty nice and luxurious looking.... and there are ways to make pleated pants still look good if the fir is still slim.
    Actually from a psychological aspect every time fashion has a trend that requires more fabric its a sign that economy is good and people can spend there is your positive view as well.



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