Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spring 2012 - The shorts suit

The shorts suit is a very sophisticated, summery way to wear a suit, and although i never wore them i did grow to like them over the last few years. I saw a lot of them on the runways (Kenzo especially showed a bunch of them) but the only issue i do have with them is  - what to wear on your feet??? i personally is not a fan of sandals for men (and that is an understatement, I'm planing a whole separate post on that issue...), and wearing shoes (especially the bulky looking ones) with socks looks hideous to me as well...i can live with boat shoes with no socks or any other loafers (especially in fun colors) even if they are more dressy looking ..... or even sneakers...and dont even think about Flip flops.....what do you all think?
Here are some of my favorite shorts suits...(unfortunately i had to ignore the shoes part in most of them....).
Below: Kenzo
 Below: Yves Saint Laurent
Below: Kenzo
 Below: Kenzo
 Below: Kenzo, Viktor & Rolf
 Below: Monclear Gamme Bleu, Luis Vuitton
 Below: Zegna,  John Richmond

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