Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring 2011 Must have - Chambray shirt

American eagle
Spring is almost here (i can almost feel it...) and one of my highly recommended must haves for the season is a chambray shirt. The lightens of the chambray and its content (100% cotton) makes it a perfect material for spring/summer and with the recent revival of American style it became a fabric of chioce in almost every men's collections out there, mostly in the form of a chambray shirt but often also as a light blazer or shorts..
The Chambray material was invented in the French city Cambrai during the 16th century and is a plain weave, light cotton fabric with a slight sheen that combines colored warp with white filling yarns. Although the fabric is mainly known in it's indigo blue color (which is also why it's often being mistaken for denim), it is actually available in a variety of other colors such as grays and khaki shades and even in patterns of stripes and checks.
The classic chambray shirt was originally made for the workmen (hence the term "blue collar") and prisoners and is usually detailed with utility details such as front pockets and  top-stitching (usually in white).
Casual - Chambray shirt goes well with just about anything casual and easy, with white linen pants, khaki chinos and even jeans as long as its not the same denim color. Rolled up sleeves and converse sneakers or even some other fun shoes like these Viktor & Rolf  will complete your look.
BOAZ military shirt
Business/dressed - casual is not the only way to sport a chambray shirt. With the right style and fit you can make it work for your business casual as well. The main point to look for is the fit - look for a well fitted shirt (read here for tips on finding a fitted shirt) like this BOAZ chambray military style shirt in the left picture from my new shirts line and you already completed half of the battle, pair it with a fitted flat front chinos or dark fitted jeans and to complete the look tuck in the shirt, add a belt and maybe even a fun tie (cotton in polka dot or gingham will add a sophisticated flair, stay away from silky shiny ties). A casual blazer can be a nice addition and with brogue or oxford shoes you will indeed be A man of style!

Above: Casual looks from all saints All Saints

Fitted chambray shirt for the daring guy from Vanishing Elephant
Jean Shop on MR Porter
Above: J.Crew offers a variety of casual styles and colors
This Woolrich W.M offers cool top stitching details, available on ODIN
Rag & Bone for ODIN

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