Friday, April 29, 2011

Findings - Common Projects canvas dress shoe

Off white canvas dress shoes from Common Projects
WHY: I will start by saying that white for em is a very hard color to wear....mostly cause i always get it dirty and it always pisses me off! But its spring time and bright colors are in why not white shoes?? and these are just perfect as a sleep on for an easy summer day look with long pants or shorts (no socks off course...), or if adding shoe laces as a great shoes for a casual day as long as its not raining out these shoes will take you out in style! Enjoy the beautiful weekend....
INFO: Canvas upper, leather finished rubber sole. Made in Italy
PRICE: $420.00


  1. Love this label! love these shoes!! amazing!! :)))

    Nice blog anyway! I'm a your new follower. Hope you follow me back!

  2. Monsieur,
    Thank you very much for your feedback, its highly appreciated!
    what i love about these shoes is that you can use them for both casual look or a more dressy one, and they are perfect summer shoes!



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