Saturday, April 23, 2011

Findings - Gareth Pugh square fold wallet

Square fold wallet from Gareth Pugh on Forward by revolve
WHY: Your personal style should not just show up in your clothes and the way your put yourself together but also in your accessories and more so in those who are normally not visible.... like your underwear, socks and yes YOUR WALLET! Dont underestimate that part cause your wallet shows how detailed oriented you are....that you pay attention to the little details as well and not just to what's on the surface.....YOU ARE DIFFERENT!
Your first date is going well, you feel good about the way you look and styled yourself, everything that comes out of your mouth makes her laugh, the restaurant you chose serves her favorite cuisine.... she likes you!....and than the check comes and you pull out your wallet to take care of it (I'm assuming you are a gentleman...) and there are 2 scenarios:
1. You pull out a dumpy, piling fake leather, $5 wallet you bought last year on the street which basically leads to you spending the rest of the night falling asleep on your couch while watching the Godfather by yourself....again, or
2. You pull out this fine, black quilted wallet from Gareth Pugh that validates her first impression of you which leads to you walking her home....maybe even invited for a cup of coffee...maybe more???....the possibilities are endless from this point and on..... 
INFO: 100% lamb leather, Lining: 52% silk 48% cotton, Interior bill and card slots with flap cover, Measures approx 4"W x 3.5"H x 0.75"D. Made in Italy
PRICE: $463.00
WHERE: Forward by Revolve

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