Friday, April 15, 2011

Breton stripes tops - a classic staple!

Saint James at Barneys
The Breton stripes long sleeves top is probably one of my favorite easy casual go to items, be it a s light knit or just a simple T-shirt i can hardly find myself passing one when i see it. The combination of  a top that is so classic yet so easy to mix in and add some flair t to spice up a look is just hard to bit! (but yet again I'm a sucker for stripes and plaids...).
Probably when the most of you think of Breton stripes the first association you have is of French sailors (probably wearing a beret and eating a baguette with Camembert cheese....or is that just me stereotyping???) .....well,  there is a very good reason for that and its because originally it all started with the navy & white striped knitted Breton sailor shirt that was created in 1858 by the French Government to simply save sailors lives. The thought was that the vivid stripes will stand out against the sea and will make a sailor who falls overboard noticed easily.
Pablo Picasso
James Dea
But just like any other classic item over the years the Berton striped tops were transformed from working the ocean to working the runways and became a wardrobe staple, especially after they were made famous when icons like Pablo Picasso and James Dean sported them, and later on when the french designer Jean Paul Gaultier made them into his signature flag, using them on everything from tops and dresses to perfume bottles (which i use and love) and even furniture...!
JPG and his striped interior
This spring you'll find many versions of these striped tops depends on your badged,
style and needs, but as long as you go for a a slimmer fit (buy a size down if needed) and keep the length hitting just below your pants waist, (stay away from long and baggy ones, no matter how comfortable they are) and stick to the classic color combos of white with either navy, black or red stripes, you will be easily rocking them.
Armor.Lux on Asos
Junk De Luxe on Asos
You can wear them with any color jeans or chinos (don't ever tuck them in) and maybe boat shoes or nice loafers roll up the sleeves to about 3/4 length and your style is simple and chick. If the weather is still a bit chilly out  there than a nice cotton sport blazer, a cool jeans jacket or even a light solid color cardigan will always compliment the stripes,  i would than probably bunch up or roll up the sleeves to have the stripes peak from under. Another look I sometimes like to sport is wearing a Breton striped top under a solid color, short sleeve button front shirt in lets say black or navy, it adds a rockish edge to the look.
I'd love to hear more suggestions and recommendations on how to sport Breton stripes tops from all of you stylish men out there so feel free to share....
Burberry London at Barneys
Moncler at Barneys
Saint James at Barneys
BTW check out this blog - I sea stripes for a lot more about Breton stripes...


  1. I have always been a fan of stripes and always will be!!!

  2. AG, thanks for too by the way! And the great thing is that it's a classic for both men and women...(I'll admit that my wife has taken over the last striped top i bought myself ....and i my feeling is that I'm never getting it back.....



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