Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to color your Holiday season? 5 gift ideas from Paul Smith!

Wool blend socks - $43
Are you running out of time? Holiday is just around the corner and you are still looking for that special gift for that special stylish guy that requires a little more attention in choosing his gift??? are accessories that might just do it!
If you are a regular reader on this blog you know by now that i love Paul Smith's style, it mixes the depth of the classic with the fun of the contemporary perfectly, making it a great fit for guys of all ages! So when you are looking for a shoot of color to brighten an outfit you can always count on his sophisticated multi color stripes that became his signature.....and in holiday time what can be more fun and joyful than a colorful gift for an adult???

These are 5 last minute gifts ideas from Paul Smith that will grantee bring joy and style to anybody's life!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

Wool Hat - $110
Burnished leather suit belt - $200
Metal + leather shoe horn - $35
Tonal stripe tie- $145

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