Friday, December 24, 2010

Designer of the week - Dolbeau

This week's designer of the week is a young and fresh company (at list for me) that is based in Montréal Canada (which btw is a great city -  European style!), where founders David Caplan and David Gross took their love for authenticity, craftsmanship and distinct style and created Dolbeau, a brand that offers fashion accessories that are made-to-order to your unique preferences and taste!
All their products are handcrafted locally and all the manufacturing is done the old fashioned way by skilled tailors with over 30 years of experience, using traditional stitching techniques while each of their limited edition products is hand cut on the bias from the finest of imported materials. But more so the end result of this meticulous process is a unique product of the finest quality infused with style and fun! Dolbeau offers a wide selection of fabrics to craft your ties while the style is up to you...on the neckties you can choose the width, the tip shape and the length and if bow tie is what your heart desires than choose one of three styles, the desired length and even the button choice is in your hands... What else can a guy ask for???
 I absolutely love their two tone signature detail, a simple modern twist that makes a classic item look fresh and sophisticated! For years we all try to hide the short thin end of a necktie, while the guys at Dolbeau gave it a life by simply making it in a different tone!  
So if you look to match your ties to your own personal style check out their online store (which is btw simple, user friendly and easy to navigate), and be your own designer while expressing your individuality through the eyes of Dolbeau!
oh....and shipping is free worldwide!

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