Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chunky scarves what to look for and how to wear them?

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Winter is here and in 1week the holiday season will be over and all we would be left with for the next three and half months is cold weather......i don't know about you guys but to me this sounds DEPRESSING! Anyways all there is to do is enjoy the fact that we can play with much more accessories and clothing items than in any other season. One of my favorite winter accessories is the scarf! Especially the big, chunky ones.....(i guess after all size DOES matter...or at list in certain cases), therefore the heavier, thicker and for the most part the longer the scarf is the more you can do with it and the more impact it will have on your outfit... adding a new dimension and a touch of luxury to your look.
Heavy chunky scarves have been trendy for the last couple of seasons which makes it a bit easier to find them and if you have the patience you will find ones that are reasonably priced (especially starting next week when sale season is in full force...).
What to look for? Generally you want wool scarves, they tend to have a softer hand and will be warmer and look more expensive. Ultimately the softest you can find the better, so if you can treat yourself invest in a cashmere scarf, that is the best! You can always go for a solid natural color (black, gray, ivory etc.) scarf which will than go with about anything in your wardrobe, this way you get an item that is timeless and will be a good investment for the next few seasons. If you want to keep it classic but have a little twist go with a textured scarf like ribbed or cable knit, or even a tweed. I would suggest though getting more than one scarf, and get a 2nd scarf that has either a colorful pattern such as stripes or if you want to
stick to solid color go for a punchier color that will stand out more (purple, Lt. blue etc), this way you will have one for work and one for play. I really love how a scarf can ramp up a look, it makes it easier to update your winter style from time to time and also cheaper to do it (rather than having few coats to switch off....although if you can afford that its even better...).
How to wear it? you probably want to go with either of the following two ways, they will both create a luxurious bulk around your neck while keeping it warm and cozy!
The first is the simplest way which is to wrap it around your neck a couple of times (if the length allows, or as much as you are comfortable with) try to keep it easy and nonchalant, to make look more natural rather than tighten it and chocking should keep the ends hanging down your chest at for list 10" on each side otherwise the wrapping will not hold.
C.P Company
The other way is to knot it, so fold the scarf in 2 than drape it around your neck so you'll have a loop on one side of your neck and the 2 ends of the scarf hanging on the other side, now just insert the 2 ends through the loop and pull them, this will create a nice heavy knot. this type of know will also work perfectly for shorter and thinner scarves and will make them look heavier and richer than they are actually are.
So this season go chunky to stay warm and look cool!


  1. I have a hall tree that holds lots of scarves, but I always seem to circle back to my big chunky grey scarf.

  2. I love these scarves on others -- but I'm always afraid I'll look like a mummy that hasn't been wrapped properly. But I love the look on guys with a Cheap Monday skinny-jean look going on.

    Take care, and Merry Christmas! Looking forward to more fashion insights in 2011. :-)



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