Sunday, November 14, 2010

My style journal - week thirteen - Sunday Brunch

This fall season is my kind of fall....nice weekend with temperature in the mid 50's and the sun is out! Perfect weather for layering which is what i was going for in here, i was on my way to brunch and just piled up few pieces together not knowing how cold or warm will it be outside and i think it all came together pretty well regardless of the mishmash of colors and textures and despite the strong bright color shoes....
Do you think so too???
This week I'm wearing:
Down blazer - John Barritt
Pinstripes vest - BOAZ
Cotton button down shirt - NSF
Gauze scarf - H&M 
Black skinny jeans - BOAZ
Shoes - Florshiem by Duckie brown (which you can buy by clicking the link below)

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