Saturday, January 9, 2010

Step it up! Boots to elevate your style!

I LOVE SHOES… Actually, I have a fetish for them, especially for boots... I just can’t get enough of them! To me, they are such an important and powerful item in one’s style and will definitely make or break an outfit! I use shoes to tell the story of the outfit I have on. When choosing what to wear I never look at the mirror before I have shoes on…I probably own some that I only wore once or twice (don’t tell my wife….), I keep shoes/boots that I like even when they are done, and I have some that I’m afraid to wear cause they might get ruined….I even developed a theory that shoes can tell a lot about someone’s view and approach to life…(but that I’ll share with you sometimes in the future, maybe when we get more comfortable with each other..). Anyway, enough about me, this blog is about YOU, so let’s see how my fetishism can contribute to your style… First I will advise to anyone out there who debates on what item in his wardrobe he should spend the most on to concentrate on shoes, shoes and… shoes again! Yes, at times it’s a financial investment but one that has a great ROI! It will make you look sharp and confident next time you walk into a business meeting or a job interview. It will add a touch of quality and finesse to your personality and a glimpse of your quirky side on your next date. The right pair is guarantee to elevate your look and show how comfortable you are with your self and your style… it doesn’t just add color or protect your feet, it changes your posture, the way you stand, the way you walk, your body language and the way you present yourself. It’s more than just a shoe it becomes YOUR SHOW!. … you think that’s worth a few hundred dollars? Maybe, right? And if you do take care of them, polish and shine them, wrap and put shoetrees in your shoes when not worn and protect them from rain and snow, they will serve you for a long time. So, this morning I spent shopping online for boots and I put together a small group for you to make my above point a little clearer. Any of the following boots (some of them are on huge sale now, so hurry up....) can take your everyday dressing into the next level and will make others see you in a new and a brighter light. Which pair is right for you?….it really depends on what are you comfortable with and what is the story you are trying to tell about your style…



Ted Baker $293.25 (original $525) at



What ever you choose... step it up and have fun WALKING…

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