Sunday, January 10, 2010

My style Journal - Week one

Ever since I can remember I loved clothes and enjoyed dressing. Eventually, this led me to a career as a fashion designer. Over the years I developed my own individual style. To describe it in words will not do it any justice since, literary descriptions are not my strongest skill (and here I am writing a blog and expecting you to read it, ha?). But since my goal in creating this blog is to inspire you to discover and develop your own sense of style and create your own unique voice I feel that the best way is to lead by example. Therefore I was looking for a creative way to communicate my style to you (after all, I will first need to gain your trust in my credibility before I can suggest and advice you). Well, unfortunately the idea I came up with is not as creative as I hoped for but it’s definitely one that will get my point across and hopefully will inspire you the same way others out there inspire me. So today I am starting my style Journal where i will post a weekly photo with my favorite outfit of the week for your review….. I highly encourage you to leave your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts and input …whether it's good or bad! Cause recognizing what you like and what not is the first step in building your new wardrobe, I hope you’ll enjoy it and hopefully together we will inspire others…..

This week I'm wearing:
Black corduroy vest - BOAZ
Pinstriped cotton shirt - BOAZ
Gold Cufflinks - vintage (my wife's grandfather)
Black diamond tie - Calvin Klein
Raw Boot cut Jeans - BOAZ
Boots - Juno New York

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