Sunday, January 3, 2010

5 colors to keep your feet warm.....

If i didn't make it clear enough in my previous posts, I'll make it clearer.... I CAN NOT STAND THE COLD WEATHER!!! I'm just not build for it, my body is not build for it, better yet my feet are not build for it. Maybe it's because I was born in spring time (April) or maybe cause I grew up in a warm climate (Israel), what ever the reason is the fact remains the same: 13 years in the big city and I still can't get use to it...can anyone please explain to me why is the greatest city in the world have such a long and cold winters??? well....since I'm not the creator of the world all I can do is deal with it. For my feet though, its a bit harder to deal with... unless a thick, warm pair of socks like these Lambswool cable knit socks ($40) from CO OP Barney's New York, come to my aid.....they are thick as thick can be and they also come in fun colors like Olive, red, Light Blue, grey and oatmeal......I can already feel my feet defrosting.

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