Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to keep warm and look cool?

It’s the second day of a new decade and all I want to do is stay home…. because it is sooooooo cold out and that does not inspire me to leave our cozy apartment and face the chill…. But unfortunately that will not work for Jumbo, our little 6lb Chihuahua who still needs to be walked and go about his business outside, so that calls for some heavy duty protection. I like having my neck well covered and protected in a real cold weather with high neck heavy sweaters. The bigger and chunkier the better, in a snug fit (A loose fit just makes you look double your size and its uncomfortable to wear under a jacket), in solid colors or mélange but no patterns please (I leave that to Bill Cosby and Christmas movies), I also stay away from the cotton ones and stick with the ones that made out of wool or wool blend, those look softer and more luxurious and they last longer where the cotton ones seam to fade after a season and become stiff after a wash. This is a classic item that can last for seasons (I bought my first one about 15 years ago in a flee market in London and wore it all the way through last year), so even though it could be quite expensive it is definitely a valuable investment and my recommendation for those of you who live where winter is as bad as here in NYC to armor your closet with 1-2 heavy Turtleneck ( Yellow Ralph Lauren in the bottom photo) or shawl neck cable (dark gray cardigan from Roberto Collina ($404) in the left picture) sweaters, colors can be basic, like dark grey (belted junk De Luxe ($254.96) in the bottom photo, vince($305), or this long Helmut Lang ($295)), Black (ribbed Andrew Mackenzie ($170)), camel or natural (Roberto Cellina in top photo), these color will work back to everything else in your wardrobe, off course if you are not afraid of wearing colors, do not hold yourself back….. You can always just pair it with a skinny light colored scarf to spice up the color scheme. These sweaters can be worn on their own or under a sport jacket with jeans and boots, and my favorite thing is that you can still wear a light long sleeve T, or even a dress shirt underneath, so when you get inside to an office, a restaurant or a party where the heat is being blasted you can easily take it off and look comfortable again.

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