Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Start A Fashion Brand

Are you looking to start a fashion brand but don’t know where to start? Need more info, guidance, inside tips???

Start A Fashion Brand  -  An NYC Full Day Workshop for startups!  Three industry experts will cover EVERYTHING you need to start your brand: business startup strategies, producing your first sample line, costing your product for profit, selling to boutiques, getting press, and common rookie mistakes to avoid.
The event is presented by Human B (my consulting company) and hosted by MOOD Fabrics at their NYC location.
Who is it for? Anyone who is thinking about starting a fashion company or is in the startup phase
Who should attend? Designers of womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, jewelry, accessories and any other fashion product
What do I need? No industry experience is necessary, a fashion business concept/idea is a plus and a will to learn is a must
Why should I attend? Because you’ll leave this Workshop with a clear PLAN to move your business forward which will save you time, frustration, mistakes, and money.
Who is teaching? Boaz David (Human B), Jane Hamill (Fashion Brain Academy) and Lori Riviere (The Riviere Agency)
When: Saturday, November 16th, 2013

For more info and to sign up go to:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday is Here!

Cyber Monday is here again and to celebrate it use code cyber2012 and get 15% off on all our custom made shirts! Hurry up deal ends on Monday the 26th at midnight.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What's in your boxer shorts? Paxton1345

I'm not sure how many of you know but my other business beside the My BOAZ shirt line is providing consulting and management services for emerging designers and start-up brands. (Click here to learn more). Therefore I have the pleasure on working with new and exciting designers and products all the time.
One that i just recently worked on is PAXTON1345. This is a new contemporary line of boxer shorts for both men's and women's. but hold on....these are not your traditional men's boxers by any mean....they are much cooler! Think soft cottons, fun color choices and smart details (My favorite is the different color button holes on the front fly), all packaged in an amazing fit - slim and young yet super comfortable!
To have a better introduction to the PAxton1345 line i asked Erin Cormier who is the designer and founder of the line for a quick interview. Not only that she agreed, she also thought about you guys and is offering you, my readers, FREE shipping when buying directly from her website , simply use code pax0ship in the checkout! For extra fun you can also get a gift package of 2 boxers for a discounted price and  treat your woman/man for a pair to keep everybody in the family happy!
A Man Of Style: First of all congratulations! I personally know what it took to put this together, so looking at it now, was it fun? What was the most fun part?
Erin: Thanks. It definitely took longer than I thought but I also had to learn everything since this is my first line. Finding good sourcing, manufacturing, fabrics and in general, good people to work with was tricky but we did it. I'd have to say the most fun part, was working with Danielle, the pattern maker and the fit models to get a perfect fit and cut. We wanted it to be very tailored but also comfortable at the same time. That was very cool.
A Man Of Style:What makes the Paxton boxers (men) different from other boxers?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

What does style mean? 5 Style tips for A Man of Style!

A Man of Style is a blog that it's intention is to inspire men to look their best!
Style defined as the way we express ourselves, which is not only in the way we look, but also the way we behave, think, communicate etc.
I personally don't believe we need to be "fashionable", trend victims or social followers in order to look our best. All we need is to care for it, listen to ourselves and have fun with it....i guess that could easily be a life mantra as well :)
Today i wanted to share 5 style tips that are part of a list i have put together recently that includes my Top 12 Style Tips. The complete list is available when you sign up for our BOAZ shirts mailing list and it includes a 10% discount on any of our custom made shirts to give you a kick start in building a better style for yourself. Click here to sign up now.
Enjoy these style tips, I hope they will help you with looking and feeling better.
Please feel free to comment or email me directly with any questions, suggestions or thoughts you might have.
  1. PERSONAL STYLE – This is where it all starts! Trends and dress rules are just suggestions. In order to look good you HAVE to OWN your look! You’ve been hired for your job because of your personal set of skills, right? It's the same thing with clothing, being stylish shows your individual flair. It will get you noticed for who you are. Whether you’re classic and conservative or more daring and outgoing doesn’t matter… as long as it’s YOUR PERSONAL STYLE! 
  2. FIT, FIT, FIT! - Fit is everything! No matter what the brand name, how well made, expensive or trendy an item is, if it doesn’t fit well it will not look good! An item too big or baggy will overwhelm your frame, and in something too small you’ll look uncomfortable and closer to a sausage than a model. FIT IS STYLE! Therefore, in order to look stylish, regardless of your body type, always make sure that your clothing fits properly! 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What is your workout style?

On Friday night the London 2012 Olympics opened. The Olympics event is the biggest sport event in the world intended to be about the purity of sport and its importance in the unity of this world (although I'm not sure how much of it is true anymore). We get the chance to watch athletes from 205 nations competing in 300 events. They preform with blood, sweat and tears while stretching their limits, breaking world records and creating the best real drama, the one that only sport can create.
In honor of the event i decided to dedicate a post for the Olympics....but with so many bloggers and magazines already covering every possible angle, i went with a more personal one. So, if watching the long distance race on your TV screen inspires you to get off the coach and break a world record, here my recommendation on how to look your best while doing it.
A Man of Style's Workout Gear
What do we have here? A basic black and blue color story spiced up with a touch of neon yellow and orange. I like compression items for style and performance, they're light and tight, and keep your body worm (lowers the risk of pulling muscles and improves your performance). The Nike Pro Combat Hypercool 2.0 fitted short-sleeve top delivers major ventilation and sweat-wicking fabric to help keep you cool and comfortable. Go for a dark color, it will insure looking good even when you're all wet and sweat. A black/yellow neon 6 inch, 4-way stretch shorts from New Balance will provide ease of motion, and these light blue Nike Hypercool Shorts underneath will keep your hamstrings flexible while adding color to the workout. Feather weight adiZero® by Adidas will make anyone feeling as if they're been running on air while a blue half zip long sleeve top from Adidas will keep you warm before and after your exercise. To keep track of your world breaking records use the help of Nike SportWatch GPS while blasting your workout playlist with the Nike Vapor headphones. No Look is completed without a bag, once again the perfect opportunity for a color addition for a style statement! Orange sport duffel bag from Y-3 is a great choice.
That's it, you are all set, all you need now is a little motivation and a Gym membership......

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Short sleeves or rolled up sleeves?

In a couple of weeks I'm going to visit my family in Israel and as a gift I'm making my brother a couple of Boaz shirts that he loves so much. But when I told him he asked if this time i can make him a shirt or two with short sleeves? which lead to a discussion on the matter of short sleeves vs rolled sleeves???
Me: No, I don't want to make you short sleeves"
"Why not?  its way to hot hear to wear long sleeves..."
"I'll make the shirts in light fabrics and you can just roll up the sleeves... it looks much better anyway..."
"Boaz common, do it for me..."
"Danny, I'm not and here is why: ...." 
Fit and Style - For short sleeves to look flattering and stylish they should be fitted and not longer than the center of your biceps....which are both details that are hard to find, unless you have your shirt custom made or have your tailor alter the sleeves for you.... even than they don't look good on everyone and you really need to have the body and arms to make them look good, where rolled up sleeves work everyone and will add a masculine touch. When wearing a suit or a jacket although it fine to wear shirt sleeves under the detail of having your shirt sleeves longer than the jacket sleeves (about 1/2") is a detail that balances the total look and colors in your outfit (especially when wearing a dark suit and a light colored shirt).
Seasonal - realistically you'll wear a Short sleeve shirt for about 2 months out of a it really

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Best Raw Denim - Naked & Famous

You might be tired of hearing me saying over and over again that the best jeans is raw denim! Unless you are a denim purist like i am. I don't care for all these commercial pre-washes, they never look sophisticated or authentic enough for my taste and the prices in my opinion don't justify it as well. Yes, they make the jeans softer, vintage looking etc...but who says that jeans needs to be soft? and if it does why not let it do its own thing as I'm wearing it.... What i love about denim is this that stiffness that makes it fit so cool!....oh and guess what, if you wear it enough it will get softer...and not just softer but in the process it will also form to take on your body shape...what else can you ask for???
Few weeks ago i went into Barney's, and finally after few years of searching (last time it was when i found these Nudie jeans) i saw these pair of Naked & Famous jeans, they looked raw and dark, they felt dry....and than i unfolded this point i didn't even need to try them on.....! Raw, stiff, tight fit, long (I have long legs yet im skinny so most jeans companies decided that skinnier guys are short....otherwise i can't understand why its so hard for me to find 34 length in my size...)...and on top reasonably priced! You know the feeling when you find something that looks too good to be true and you start investigating it to see where is the catch?....cause you just can't understand how come something so perfect is so hard to find!
Naked & Famous ("the name is a satire of our celeb-obsessed


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