Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What's in your boxer shorts? Paxton1345

I'm not sure how many of you know but my other business beside the My BOAZ shirt line is providing consulting and management services for emerging designers and start-up brands. (Click here to learn more). Therefore I have the pleasure on working with new and exciting designers and products all the time.
One that i just recently worked on is PAXTON1345. This is a new contemporary line of boxer shorts for both men's and women's. but hold on....these are not your traditional men's boxers by any mean....they are much cooler! Think soft cottons, fun color choices and smart details (My favorite is the different color button holes on the front fly), all packaged in an amazing fit - slim and young yet super comfortable!
To have a better introduction to the PAxton1345 line i asked Erin Cormier who is the designer and founder of the line for a quick interview. Not only that she agreed, she also thought about you guys and is offering you, my readers, FREE shipping when buying directly from her website , simply use code pax0ship in the checkout! For extra fun you can also get a gift package of 2 boxers for a discounted price and  treat your woman/man for a pair to keep everybody in the family happy!
A Man Of Style: First of all congratulations! I personally know what it took to put this together, so looking at it now, was it fun? What was the most fun part?
Erin: Thanks. It definitely took longer than I thought but I also had to learn everything since this is my first line. Finding good sourcing, manufacturing, fabrics and in general, good people to work with was tricky but we did it. I'd have to say the most fun part, was working with Danielle, the pattern maker and the fit models to get a perfect fit and cut. We wanted it to be very tailored but also comfortable at the same time. That was very cool.
A Man Of Style:What makes the Paxton boxers (men) different from other boxers?

Erin: Different than traditional boxers with the loose, saggy behind, we designed ours to have a fitted cut so they are not too bunched. They are comfortable, fit and flattering. Our boxers are made in 100% Egyptian cotton offered in fun colors with two main styles: a one fabric boxer style and two fabric boxer style that has an accent fabric on the waistband for extra fun.
A Man Of Style: What’s the inspiration behind the Paxton line?
Erin:The inspiration came from loving men's clothes and wearing men's boxers for years, growing up. Plus, I personally love a guy in a cute pair of boxers!
A Man Of Style: I love the outside packaging but each boxers also have a personal surprise sewn in, right? What is it? and how did you come up with that?
Erin:We wanted to make them really different and add an element of fun. I came up with doing a fun quote on the back seam and we sewed them in randomly so each pair is different.
A Man Of Style: You chose a very unique concept for naming the collection, can you tell us more?
Erin: Since our boxers are all Made in the U.S.A, we decided to name each pair in the collection after a cool city, town or area and started with the Northeast part of the country. For example, boxers are named Bar Harbor ME, Newport RI, Nantucket MA, Greenwich CT, Soho NYC, etc...
A Man Of Style: You also have a unique Women’s boxers? Can you tell us a little about that?
Erin: Yes, the women's design is completely unique and gives the option of wearing 2 different ways. Made with a fold-over waist band you can wear it short and hip or unfold and elongate the waist for a longer look and little more coverage. Colorful fabrics and small details make these your go to shorts for outside or inside wear.   
The women's boxers

A Man Of Style: Who is the Paxton guy?
Erin: Super handsome! LOL. He is a guy who dresses smart to suit his lifestyle. He likes comfort and wears well made clothes because they fit and look better than the rest. He is expressive in how he dresses and can add some color in his wardrobe.
 • What is your favorite look for a guy?
Erin:I love a guy who knows what looks good on him and is not trying to pull off his high school jeans! Whether it's jeans or a suit, he is wearing nice shoes and tailored shirt with it. He looks polished because he takes pride in how he looks! From the conference room to a lunch meeting and then to an after work dinner, he looks effortlessly cool.
A Man Of Style:  If you had to give your top most import style tip/advice for guys, what would that be?
Erin: I always notice a guys hands! Clean nails and hands are big in my book! More so, I do think it's important to have some well fit and tailored pieces in your closet. It's telling about a guy's personality; what they like and what they do. So, invest in some nice shirts, jeans, shoes and the essentials. It will get you far! I also love color so working in your favorite colors with a shirt, socks or jacket is always fresh looking.
A Man Of Style: Yes It’s very obvious from looking at the collection that you love colors, what is your favorite color?
Erin: I have so many! I have always loved pinks and oranges because they are so fun and bright. They just feel inviting to me. Lately though, I have been so attracted to blues, the brighter the better. They are great looking on just about everyone. I change my colors depending on what season it is and what I'm attracted to.
A Man Of Style:  From a women's preservative, what is the first thing you notice in a guy?
Erin: His profile - overall how he looks. And his hands!
A Man Of Style: Name your top 3 stylish men.
Erin: Tough one! Novak Djokovic, Channing Tatum and of course, Richard Gere!
A Man Of Style: Name your top 3 vacation spots.
Erin: SoCal, Paris and St. Barts
A Man Of Style:  (I wonder if these will be the inspiration for future Paxton collections???) So what is next for Paxton?
Erin: I would love to do a line of boxer briefs for men that have some color. Most briefs are so monotone and as a woman, I would love to see some patterns and cool colors on briefs. For Paxton, next up is most likely designing a pants version of my women's boxers. Something different looking with the length and the look. I can't wait! oh...and in the meant time we are doing trunk shows so if you want to join one near you or if anyone wants to invite us and host one please email us at
A Man Of Style: Thank you Erin and good luck, keep us posted!
Erin: Thank you and have a great rest of the summer everyone!


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