Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Best Raw Denim - Naked & Famous

You might be tired of hearing me saying over and over again that the best jeans is raw denim! Unless you are a denim purist like i am. I don't care for all these commercial pre-washes, they never look sophisticated or authentic enough for my taste and the prices in my opinion don't justify it as well. Yes, they make the jeans softer, vintage looking etc...but who says that jeans needs to be soft? and if it does why not let it do its own thing as I'm wearing it.... What i love about denim is this that stiffness that makes it fit so cool!....oh and guess what, if you wear it enough it will get softer...and not just softer but in the process it will also form to take on your body shape...what else can you ask for???
Few weeks ago i went into Barney's, and finally after few years of searching (last time it was when i found these Nudie jeans) i saw these pair of Naked & Famous jeans, they looked raw and dark, they felt dry....and than i unfolded this point i didn't even need to try them on.....! Raw, stiff, tight fit, long (I have long legs yet im skinny so most jeans companies decided that skinnier guys are short....otherwise i can't understand why its so hard for me to find 34 length in my size...)...and on top reasonably priced! You know the feeling when you find something that looks too good to be true and you start investigating it to see where is the catch?....cause you just can't understand how come something so perfect is so hard to find!
Naked & Famous ("the name is a satire of our celeb-obsessed
culture") is a Canadian jeans brand making great fitting jeans out of Japanese raw denim, using a combination of old school and modern methods and practices...simple, no washes, no embroidery, no gimmicks - just PURE DENIM offered in 3 men’s fits (skinny, slim and tapered) and 4 ladies styles (skinny, slim, boot-cut and trouser-cut). On a side note, i have to admit that the only thing i didn't like is the brand's name, and its for the same reason that they chose it....i find it hard to get these words out of my mouth: "...oh, I'm wearing Naked & Famous" when I'm asked what jeans I'm embarrassed to say it even as a joke!
How i wear it? I wear the skinny guy fit and i like it paired with leather boots or leather shoes with a solid heel to encore down and balance the stiff look of the jeans, a wider leather belt and either a tight, soft plain crew neck T or a casual fitted button down shirt (here a washed cotton or oxford is fine...) slightly tucked in in the front just to show a glimpse of the belt or the can than throw on a light cashmere sweater, a short fitted motorcycle jacket, or even a casual cotton blazer. Add some cool silver necklace and i bet you every girl you'll pass will look at you as you are Famous and Naked..... naked and famous


  1. Those pants are awesome! Too bad it's in Japanese Denim! My behind never looks quite right in home sewn pants but I'll keep working on it!

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