Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween by Paul Smith!

Halloween is almost here...are you planing to dress up?
Although its a holiday that sounds like it will be a celebration for someone like me who like clothes i personally not a fan and never dress up.... it just not me! I will though consider incorporating items that carry the holiday spirit without being a costume. So this Halloween collection from Paul Smith, is right up my alley...its fun, sophisticated and wearable and i can still show a holiday spirit but in style!
My favorite are these skull T-shirts, the graphic is so simple yet soooo cool, the fit is slim and the cotton seems so soft.... i also LOVE the ceramic skull money box...i know its not really wearable but make a great gift!
Check out the collection and browse other T's, cufflinks, necklaces and more... for a fun yet not "Costume-y" items...

Ceramic Skull - Money Box
Men's X-ray Silk Handkerchief

1 comment:

  1. OMG!!!

    I love the pocket square and the cameo cufflinks....but only for this frightening night!

    Happy Halloween ;)))




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