Friday, March 18, 2011

Designer of the week - Boris Bidjan Saberi

My Designer of the week segment is focusing this week on a rising star in the avant garde menswear market..... I just thought of shaking things up here a little bit with some edgy influences that blends the line between clothing and art.....
His name is Boris Bidjan Saberi he is half German (was born in Munich, Germany) and half Iranian who lives and shows in Barcelona. His first fashion and art interest was born when we was about 6 years old when he came across a group of punks while walking through the streets of Munich with his parents (honest to God i had the same experience only i was 13, i was with my parents in Munich and could stop staring in all the punks hanging in the parks...all i wanted is to be them....)
His fashion career started with a leather accsesories line under the provocative name of  'U CAN FUCK W' and in 2006 he Launched his namesake menswear ready to wear brand that mixes casual-wear and post Gothic influences in an innovative, edgy and modern style, using a monochromatic color schemes that leaves the focus for his unique details such as the asymmetrical garment shapes, his hand made waxed treated fabrics and his signature Boris Bidjan Saberi shoelace cord in the back neck of his tops.
“I love the details of a fabric, a feeling or expression of the work done and what has happened to it. It gives a story to a garment. I love to create stories with my pieces.” Boris Bidjan Saberi.
His line is available at Darklands in Berlin and L’Eclaireur in Paris and OKI-NI online

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