Saturday, February 19, 2011

New York fashion week fall 2011 - Rag & Bone


 First I'd like to apologize for being MIA in the last couple of weeks, between fashion week, fashion work and a cool new project that I'm putting together and cant wait to tell you about (just few weeks from now...), i couldn't find the time to keep your style kick update....sorry.
Rag & Bone has a new wind! Or at list that's what it looks to me....Based on the collection they showed for fall 2011 either there is a new creative director in house or the 2 founders switched their creative vision in180 degrees! Considering the brand's style was never at the top of my brand list (sorry Anna, i know how much you love the brand....) due to it casual feel and lack of design, this time around i was surprised to find it actually designed with nice looks and great pieces for the modern guy whether he is in a dressy or casual mood. As a big fan of pants that stand out I found the voluminous, wider leg, wool trousers to be my favorite pieces with lots of strong British/Scottish inspiration shown in bold colors, plaids and stripes. Tailored coats and bomber jackets were notable as well among the sea of kilts shown, with a standout light grey hooded toggle coat accented with electric blue which was the highlighted color of their collection.........

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  1. Very very very very interesting blog!Men's fashion it's not considered as much as it should be! Congratulations!
    About Rag & Bone collection, I liked the cobalt blue jacket! ;)



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