Saturday, January 15, 2011

Milan Menswear Fall 2011 - Costume National

Milan menswear fashion week is on and I'll try and give you a taste of it much as i can .....
We start with Costume National. As always the color palate at CN is dominated by the dark colors with lots of black, and dark grays and a touch of mustard electric blue. Great motor cycle jackets in wools and beautiful long coats mixing wools and leather were among my favorite pieces supported by light knits in two color tones that looked luxurious and very sophisticated.


  1. Boaz, what I've always loved about CN is the fit, at least for slim figures like mine: PERFECT fit, year in year out. I've never come across black trousers that fit as well as the various pairs of CN pants have. Looks as though I might need the trousers featured in that last photo. And the blazer along with it. (Saw a very cool Neil Barrett black blazer today, for spring/summer...)
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Cool post! I really like the second outfit.

  3. Michael, yes their fit is great! Check out the other suits in this collection...they're cool!
    Bigio, thanks, i must say that 2nd outfit is my favorite look as well, I'd wear that in a second!



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