Saturday, January 8, 2011

Findings - John Varvatos Silver Fleur Di Lys On Brass Bullet

Silver Fleur Di Lys On Brass Bullet from Lazaro for John Varvatos
 WHY: I have a weakness for pendants especially if they somewhat vintage inspired and done in antique silver! So when i saw the post on the Gentleman's gadgets blog about these awesome John Varvatos silver cuff links i went on his site to look at them and discovered some other great silver charms including this Bullet pendant
For me this kind of accessory tells a story about the guy who wears it, the brass and silver materials are so authentic and will present your deeper side while showing your attention to details and sophisticated aesthetics! (and BTW it DOES NOT suggest anything about a violent or militant nature ...after all you will be wearing a bullet not shooting it!).
This pendant can be worn with a silver Dog Tag or a leather cord necklace with this leather shirt for more of a casual, rock star kinda of look or on a finer silver chain under a nice fitted button down shirt!INFO: Sterling silver and brass bullet charm with Fleur De Lys design. Pendant sold individually.
WHERE: John Varvatos
PRICE: $400


  1. How did you know the fleur-de-lys is one of my all-time favorite symbols? (Almost named my blog after it!) I think I might need a pendant like this; been thiking about it forever.
    Great tip, thanks! :-)

  2. Michael, that would have been a great name for a blog!
    I always loved coats of arms, therefore i was always drawn to the fleur de lys... ...come to think about it i should do a post about coats of arms, its a very masculine theme...



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