Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Snood - A must have for the cold weather.

Chunky snood from Allsaints
I guess the snow storm out put in a real winter mood, staying warm inside surfing the web in search of what to wear to keep me from being cold ...but still stylish when I'm outside, this next item has a weird name but will definitely do both - the snood!
Carlos Tevez from Man city
Actually those of you who are Football (soccer) fans like me, (especially the ones who follow the English Premier League) have probably seen the snood hit the sports news lately, when more and more players started wearing it during the games, derided by commentators and creating a whole debate among players, managers and fans on whether players should or shouldn't be worn on the field. Which in my opinion was simply a drama to create more news...if it keeps players warmer what is the problem with that??? I haven't yet to see a goal scored using a snood....
Well than what is a Snood (also known as a headgear or a neck warmer)? - it is simply a tubular neck scarf often worn by skiers or motorcyclists that can be worn either pulled down around the neck like a scarf, or pulled up over the hair all the way to the nose to protect the lower part of your face. it actually not just protecting your face but also since it covers your mouth and nose you end up breathing into it which creates even more heat to warm your body.


I discovered this simple accessory when i moved to NYC and started making them and wearing them and i must say they have been my saver in a weather like this.
I like the slouchy ones that are made in a soft knit they add this feel of a rocker scarf....there is something cool about it.
Superdry chunky snood on Asos
Chunky cable snood from OAK

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