Monday, December 27, 2010

Are there any cool stylish city snow shoes?

Snowy NYC
My bedroom window today
The big apple has its first snow storm of the season....its white, fluffy and anowy everywhere which is fun but the biggest problem with that (at list for me) is what shoes do you wear to go out??? Shoes/boots for snow are probably the hardest to find....actually let me rephrase this sentense - STYLISH city shoes/boots for snow are almost imposible to find! The reason is....there are barely any. I'm not really sure why but snow shoes (just like down coats) that will protect you from the snow and will still keep you stylish are something that brands just don't care for....yes i know that Canada Goose coats (you should have seen yesterday how stores were selling them like cupcakes...) and Sorel snow boots are everywhere and everyone have them and treats them as if they are the most stylish items out there (did anyone seriously thought that Ugg were stylish???)...but come on now let's face it they are perfect for this weather no doubt about that but they under no circumstances look good! They are bulky and make even the skinniest person look like a blimp with potatoes as feet and the colors they are offered in are just horrid (or at list for men cause i have seen some women's that are not bad)! And no i don't believe that they have to look like that, they can absolutely be designed to look more stylish and cool....So after ranking for a little bit here are my solution (which i will admit took a little while to find), featured shoes  in this post you will be able to comfortably wear for a snow storm in the city and keep your style COOL!
Timberland has a couple of nice not too bulky and colorful options: 
I really like these....
So, do your self a favor and don't just follow the herd...if anything this is an opportunity for you to show that you are unique and have your own sense of style!
BTW if you guys found other shoes or down coats that look good PLEASE share cuase i am desperately in need for them.... if you are wondering i for now wear thses ones
The below Sorel are not as bulky and somewhat reasonably stylish 
These Converse below can somewhat work for a light snow storm....
All the shoes on this post are Available at Zappos

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