Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Findings - Timo Weiland Hand knit sweater

Hand Knit Trench sweater from Timo Weiland
WHY: My computer is showing right now a temperature of 19 degrees Fahrenheit, which to me is just not a temperature suitable for people! Humans should not live in this cold... (sorry Alaska but i don't get it...). The only way to survive this is layering (especially if you run in and out as i do all day) as much as you can and with the heaviest pieces you can find, which most times means sacrificing style for comfort (to be honest i don't) but this big heavy knitted sweater is the ultimate solution, its heavy, big, warm and super cool and stylish.... it looks so comfy that all you want to do is cuddle into it wrap yourself inside of it like a blanket and makes sense why bears sleep all winter ha????
INFO: 100% virgin wool, made in Uruguay, double breasted button front, front pockets, waist tie.
PRICE: $539.00
WHERE: Forward by Revolve

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