Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Findings - A warm wrap wool scarf by Odyn Vovk

Black wool wrap scarf  from Odyn Vovk
WHY: I got up the last two mornings and i couldn't believe the temperature outside, i had to double check it a couple of times..... and unfortunately i was confirmed that winter is knocking real hard on our door. Over the years New York winter made me appreciate the importance of a scarf or better said a good heavy warm scarf. Before moving to NY and getting the "pleasure" of freezing my ass here for about 5 months every year, i thought of scarfs mostly as a decorative accessory, one that adds a splash of color and excitement to one's look, but that thought quickly changed on my first winter day in the city, i than realized how important it is to have a good warm scarf. Its the one accessory (maybe in addition to a hat) that seals the deal for me as far as warmth. Yes a warm coat is obviously essential but while most other accessories that will actually keep you warm will KILL your style, a good heavy scarf can do bot, keep you cozy and warm while support your personal style. For me this scarf is a a perfect example,its  made out of wool and is pretty long and quite wide allowing you to wrap it in style around your neck to store your body temperature in whether you'll tack it into your coat or just have it hanging long on your neck and although its just plan black the cool texture will still earn you good style points.
INFO:100% wool, Made in USA
PRICE: $385.00


  1. totally my look! just had my XXL wool scarf on today, and my skinny jeans. :-)

  2. I think its probably my favorite winter accessory. I just got a really long heavy cable scarf in charcoal from Dolce & Gabbana (thank you Century 21)...i like it how a heavy scarf can go so well with short sleeves as well...its actually kind of cool.



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