Sunday, October 31, 2010

Findings - Wool jacket by Gaspard Yurkievich

Grey jacket from Gaspard Yurkievich
WHY: This jacket is for the fashion forward guys who don't mind (or i should better say- like to) stand out. The details and cut of this jacket are quite edgy, the short length is current although you really need to have the body for it, and l love the contrast of the black trim around the packets, so yes to be honest this is not your long lasting jacket style, but if you are looking for one jacket this fall to help you ease into the heavier wool coats in style this would be it. This jacket will sport your 60's rock star style, think sophisticated Beatles of 2011 with slim fitted pants, fitted button down shirt with a small collar (like this one in the photo) and a slim tie will put you on stage in no time....
INFO: 100% wool, Made in Thailand, Button front closure, Front pockets, Contrast back.
PRICE: $938.00


  1. Boaz -- How did you know I was in the market for just such a thing? Perfect slim fit, not too long --exactly my style.

    (Hey, love the body-bag Halloween costume featured in your previous post. Very "Twin Peaks"!)

    Take care,

  2. Michael, do you know of this designer? you should check out the rest of his collection if you like the fitted slim look (which i do as well...).
    "Twin Peaks" - good call! that was a great show and David Lynch is awesome....lots of great characters for Halloween in his movies!



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