Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Findings - Timo Weiland Tweed pant

Hair tweed pant by Timo Weiland
WHY: Winter is here making heavier warmer pant a necessity, and what better than tweed fabric to provide that. This fabric in this style has a vintage look somewhat of a 'grandfather pant' feel (when he was young and cool). The fit seems to be comfy and slouchy (especially with these pockets) although the leg is pretty fitted in the bottom. I love the way the pants are being worn in this photo with the folded hem and the those shoes, this look reminds me of the way we dressed in the 80's, i can see Morrissey wearing that back than.....
I would wear these pants with a slim white button down shirt and maybe a skinny tie or a fitted turtleneck sweater and a short motorcycle or bomber jacket. I feel that these kind of pants will look the best when they are paired with a top that shows the waist line because otherwise wearing a long or boxy jacket might make one look heavier than he actually is (unless it is a belted jacket).
INFO: 45% viscose 35% poly 10% wool 8% cotton 2% nylon, Made in China. Front and back pockets
WHERE: Forward by Revolve
PRICE: $297.00


  1. I am definitely adding these to my Christmas list. Great find! Thanks!

  2. This is would be a great holiday gift! I'm glad you like it....and if you do get them let me know how they are and i would love to post a pic as well..
    Btw i like your blog its great, and thank you for the follow!

  3. There is certainly something about tweed at the moment. I have been thinking of investing in a grey two button jacket for a month or so now.

  4. Lee, i hear you...I'm looking for some time to make myself a tweed coat...just the thought of it makes me feel warmer in this freezing cold weather...



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