Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Is it cool to wear a tie?

Gingham tie from Asos
Did ties become more cool to wear nowadays? well, it depends what type and how would you wear it but generally It looks like it is....
Over the last few seasons we have witnessed men's designers adding ties to their lines, this category is expending and is not just the property of business or corporate men anymore, the variety of men's neckties is inspiring  and they became a fun and cool accessory even for the casual dresser and the hipster guy.
Gant Rugger at Asos
Skinny Ties - As a result of the above change the silhouettes of ties (like most men's clothing categories) got slimmer, the 3.5" wide ties a la European style were pushed aside making room  for the 2.5" wide and less ties, the fabrics choices are getting nontraditional with versions in wool, cotton, cashmere, linen and seersucker among others, and the colors and patterns are pushing the envelope even more with mufti color plaids and bold stripes or checks taking over.  A skinnier tie in  fabrics such wool, cotton and even knit (with a cut off edge which i never got) as oppose to the classic silk ones can be worn with a more casual jacket or jeans and sneakers, the traditional matching rules of dress shirts and tie do not apply here, you can wear plaid on plaid, mix colors and patterns and it doesn't need to be as restricted  to wear a tie anymore (unless its business or black tie suits we are talking about) the tie can be worn looser on your neck while your shirt doesn't have to be tucked in...or you can wear your tie with a denim shirt.....
Skinny ties from Asos
Hacket on Asos
Bow Ties - The preppy look influences on the the runway put the bow tie high on the trend list for the coming seasons, a plaid or polka dot bow tie in bright colors is an accessory that will boost your look with style and Schick this fall! And not just in your best friend wedding....
So yes, ties seem to be cool again, younger men are showing more and more interest in them and designers are responding, the casual market has adapted them adding a lighter and less restricted feel to this classic traditional category. This holiday season your grandfather or father will not be the only ones who will appreciate a tie as a gift......even your younger brother will do! 
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If you dont know how to tie a tie check out Tie-a-tie.net

Gentry wool tie at Revolve
Ralph Loren
Tommy Hilfigher
Steven Alan
Coop Barneys

Thom Browne at barneys


  1. Great post! And you've definitely got your looks right: Slim-fit short-sleeve shirts with a tie are very in indeed; like the photos you've chosen (denim shirt at top of page; white shirt with epaulets further down). That's a popular look here in Europe. And interesting: Just as freetime sportswear has taken to the tie, European TV presenters and businesspeople have moved away from the tie as regards the suit: It's been very in the past couple of years to sport a slim-fit suit and shirt, but forego the tie. Actually, it's kind of a nice way of stating that you mean business without looking overly formal.
    Take care!

  2. Thanks for the much appreciated European point of view you are adding here, i think European treat dressing in a much less conservative way and with more fun than in the us and i think that's why they are able to get more innovative with it and feel free to break the classic rules of business wear like you are describing.....and it applies to all ages not just young hipsters....
    after all that is what dressing should be right? fun....



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