Thursday, October 7, 2010

Findings - Florsheim by Duckie Brown wingtip boot

Wingtip boot from Florsheim by Duckie Brown at Barney's
 WHY: Fall is here (which means that winter is just around the corner) and fall color palate is really beautiful (if you haven't done it before take a drive to upstate NY this time of year, it is by far one of the most gorgeous views with all the red/orange leafs all over...) , its filled with rich, deep colors mostly in the red/orange range that just by looking at them almost as they are the adult and more sophisticated colors of the spring summer color palate and when it comes to materials these colors really shine in Suede, Velvet and so, the texture of these fabrics brings out the best in them. I have a short version of these boots in a blue suede from Florshiem which i really love and again the color is so vibrating in that material that it makes it so much fun to wear....these boots are a perfect stand out item, yes you might need to dare in your style to wear these but you can wear these just with jeans and a simple clean top and jacket in just a basic color and you are good to make your impact on any scene you are part of.... if you want to push it even more wear a skinny jeans and tack the bottom into these boots giving it a military twist, pair it with a trench coat and you will rock every party you go to....
INFO: Suede medallion toe lace-up wingtip boot on leather sole.
8" shaft
WHERE: Barney's

Now the only question is..... will you dare to wear them????  I know I would....I'd like to hear from you too...

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