Thursday, June 3, 2010

Findings - Memorial weekend shopping

This Memorial day weekend did not just bring in the summer but also some great sales (well at list for my wife and i....) We had some of the greatest finds that we had in a long time and in prices that were about quarter of the original retail prices.... Sale Sale Sale....LOVE IT! So off course i want to share findings with you...these will be great to include in my style journal posts over the summer....The first stop was Bloomingdale's, actually i was there last week and over heard that there is a sale coming up over the weekend so i took my time to prepare for it, walked around trying things on and planing my future purchases, and let me tell you that plan worked perfectly...

As usual and (as i mentioned million times before) I just CAN NOT resist shoes...  these beauties in shocking blue are from Florsheim by Duckie Brown, and to be honest i am not so crazy about their shape because i usually like my shoes thinner and less bulky but the color...oh man the color! .....talking about a summer statement!... and for $70.56... my  blue suede shoes!

I have been wanting a suede loafers with perforated detailing for a while now, so these classic Tan color laced up from H by Hudson hit the spot.... simple, cool everyday shoes...and for $92.04 down from the original $295...

kicking off my weekend buying spree were these black dressy loafers by The generic man from Gilt Man ...I love the way they are cut with  the two lines going on the side, its just enough of a twist to stand out...$148 down from $355, not bad ha?

My last buy from Bloomingdale's was this nice fitted light blue, chambray like fabric button down shirt with white combo from NSF...well fitted and simple light summer evening shirt....oh and yes for $63.36

These next few items were just a wishful thinking, i had an event to go to on Saturday evening and wanted an easy summer blazer to wear so as I'm walking Jumbo (our dog) in the morning i went into H&M and right there in front of me were these two blazers just waited to be picked i did and for $69.95 each!

Mission accomplished! A memorable memorial weekend! if i can just avoid the next credit card bill.....

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