Monday, September 6, 2010

My style journal - week ten - Creative Black Tie

This weekend our good friends got married and the dress code called for "creative black tie" i wanted to share with you my version of it. I made this jacket as part of a purple velvet suit (purple is one of my favorite colors, especially a deep shade like the one on this jacket) that i wore to my wedding almost 5 years ago, but since than i didn't have a chance to wear it again until this weekend. When i tried it on last week i wasn't as crazy about the pants so i paired the jacket with these black silk pants (that are part of a silk suit i made my self about 6 years ago) and i really liked the combination, it worked out perfectly, right?
The shirt is a BOAZ design as well, and is a fitted (with no darts) white Egyptian cotton twill shirt that i made about a month ago and that was it's debut..... BTW as we speak I'm working on having that shirt along with some of my other men's shirts designs available to buy online, so stay tune for that....

Just in case you are wondering.....Brooke, my wife wore a short black jacquard dress i made for her last year with a SICK (if i may say so...) short copper leather jacket that was part of my woman's line a couple of years ago....I wish I took a photo of her..... she looked stunning! (as always....)

This week I'm wearing:
Purple velvet jacket - BOAZ
Black silk pants - BOAZ
White cotton shirt - BOAZ (soon available to buy online....)
Black tie with a diamond design - Calvin Klein
Black leather belt - Perry Ellis
Black shoes - Juno New York


  1. But "black tie" is not tie as in tie, but bow tie! Black tie as in ties you wear when somebody you loved or you are closly related to died. All other times you wear a black tie are strange or you show you do not know when to wear a "black tie"

  2. You are right....this is why its called "creative black tie"....



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