Monday, September 6, 2010

Findings - ASOS Notch Detail Glasses

Notch detail glasses from ASOS
WHY: For most of my life I have been wearing glasses.....back in the day when I was a kid the selection of frames was very limited and lets face it kind of ugly! So wearing these big frames was soooo nerdy looking that for the first few years as a kid although i needed them badly i just wouldn't wear them until it was impossible for me to ignore the need for them....but over the last 20 years or more glasses or actually the frames became more of a fashion accessory with a huge selection to choose from to the degree that any designer/brand now days rush to license their name to a line of frames since people look for an excuse to wear glasses. I even saw a debate on one of the blogs on whether someone who does not
need to wear glasses can wear a frame just for the look....i guess there are people out there who think that this is insulting for those of us who need to wear them??? I personally don't care if someone wants to wear a frame just for the fun....  Any way my point is that my need for glasses became an advantage and an opportunity for me to style my face once a year.... and these frames from ASOS can give you the opportunity to do so as well, these glasses are meant to be worn just as an accessory and not for prescriptions. I really like the shape of the frame and mostly the gold metallic detail on the arm.
INFO: Notch detail glasses. Featuring tortoise shell frames and gold tone metallic detail to the arm. For fashion use only. Comes with soft protective pouch.
PRICE: $16.85


  1. These glasses are awesome the only problem is is that Asos isn't shipping these to the states. Any chances you've discovered something like there a little more local?

  2. Austin, that is strange, i thought they did ship to the US. I just looked it up and first of all they are on sale and i think Asos seem to even ship free for the holidays worldwide. Did you try to go through the process of buying and got denied? i haven't seen them anywhere else and actually doubt they are cause they are Asos own brand so they are probably available only on their store.



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